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The man who married 3 wives at the same time, gave a ‘terrible’ dowry

In a “unique” wedding held in Thailand, the man became the groom of 3 brides on the same day.

The lucky groom in the story is Mr. Suppakrit Chanchuedsak (35 years old). Mr. Suppakrit exchanged vows with 3 brides in turn at a wedding held according to Buddhist rites at his home in Nonthaburi province of Thailand on March 29.

The man who married 3 wives at the same time, gave a ‘terrible’ dowry

It is worth mentioning that when becoming Mr. Suppakrit’s bride, each woman received a cash gift of 100,000 baht, along with many jewelry and 2 pieces of land. The groom Suppakrit promises to love his three wives fairly and without asking for anything in return.

In the published wedding video, Mr. Suppakrit put on gold wedding rings for 3 brides in turn, surrounded by prepared gifts of great value, along with many guests who came to witness the big day.

Mr. Suppakrit shared, “It was a pleasure when all three of my wives planned to have a wedding ceremony together. I believe they will agree because as women, everyone wants to become a bride once in their life.”

The groom Suppakrit said that he divided equally and slept with three wives in turn. But the person he is most interested in is the third wife, because he wants to have more children with her.

“I am more attached to the youngest wife because we hope to have many children together. I will be a good husband and father, so I will not limit the number of children I will have,” added Mr. Suppakrit.

It is known that Mr. Suppakrit comes from a wealthy family and is the owner of a clinic near Bangkok. He also pays a monthly salary to his three wives, because they help him run the clinic.

Mr. Suppakrit’s first wife was Ms. Nutcharin Phankat (30 years old). The two have been together for 16 years and have 4 children together, 1 boy and 3 girls.

After 7 years of living with his first wife, Mr. Suppakrit met his second wife, Pitchaya Surasiruengchai, now 35 years old. Mr. Suppakrit decided to ask his first wife about the idea for the three of them to live together. Ms. Nutcharin agreed to this idea. After 2 years, Mr. Suppakrit continued to meet his third wife, Ms. Kawinthida Kulapatchaiyaboon (31 years old).

With his second wife, Mr. Suppakrit has four children together, and one child with his third wife.

The third wife Kawinthida said she did not care that her husband had two previous wives. Instead, she feels happy when the family has many members.

“I met my husband at a tattooing contest. He said he was a doctor and had 2 wives and children. The first two wives were very open and they asked me if I wanted to become a family member to support each other in building a home,” Ms. Kawinthida recalls.

“The reason for the wedding was because we wanted to show unity in the family. The children in this family have grown up and we hope this is the right time to hold a wedding to prove that the couple’s love for each other is still deep after many years of living together,” Ms. Kawinthida explained.

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