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Nguyen Vu slanted his mining lifestyle in the midst of the female singer HH

Singer Nguyen Vu’s statement at the right time is attracting attention.

The past 2 days, village entertain Viet was agitated when female singer Gen Z HH got caught up in a contest.

In addition to complicated love stories, a luxurious life with tens of billions of cars, piled high-end brands… of HH is also said to have rich people behind to provide.

Nguyen Vu slanted his mining lifestyle in the midst of the female singer HH-1 controversy

In the midst of the noise of the Gen Z singer causing a stir in public opinion, the singer Nguyen Vu Recently there was an interesting post.

Discussing the current state of showbiz, the 8X vocalist also revealed the “fog” of some young artists’ rapid advancement path.

The incident of racing to show off billions of cars, showing off houses, villas, diamonds, gold, dollars in showbiz unknowingly put a lot of pressure on art people, especially young people.

Since then, some children have sought to rise up not by profession, but by all means to get rich as quickly as my sister, and to gain the admiration of friends, colleagues and even spectators. they praise, acclaim the queen of brand name, the king pays…

Nguyen Vu slanted mining lifestyle in the midst of female singer HH-2
Nguyen Vu.

Feeling happy when standing on top, sitting in front of people, who doesn’t like, don’t want, don’t dream and find a way to get it? Colleagues who have worked for a long time in a genuine job have less money, cheaper cars, and worse houses, they are despised, shunned and less invited and welcomed.

Therefore, it is inevitable that cases when it breaks out to everyone’s surprise, when the labels of artists and singers are associated with the 13th zodiac sign, the person who specializes in the rich pairing, the person who specializes in borrowing. , fool.

Sometimes I just smile and think sad thoughts. That’s life”Nguyen Vu expressed.

Nguyen Vu slanted his mining lifestyle in the midst of the female singer HH-3
Posted by Nguyen Vu.

Nguyen Vu’s post immediately attracted attention. Many people doubt the male singer’s hidden meaning about the noise of the emerging Gen Z female singer.

However, others said that Nguyen Vu did not specify anyone or a specific event, just a general view of the reality of showbiz.

On the evening of March 19, Vietnamese showbiz was in an uproar when the social network spread an article about a husband snatching case. According to the description, Tieu Tam is a Gen Z female singer, once participated in a singing competition and achieved a high rank.

She has a lot of hits, but she doesn’t perform much, just bought tens of billions of cars, recently “check-in” the golf course is more than the stage…

Before snatching the showbiz senior’s husband, and this senior had a small child, the female singer once loved a famous male singer, and when she broke up, it was also very noisy.

When the story spread, many people thought that Hoa Minzy was the “victim” and the female singer HH was the minor tam. However, it was Hoa Minzy who confirmed that the son’s father did not have a third person.

After Hoa Minzy spoke up, the rumor turned to HH with Cuong Do La – a famous giant with golf and super cars.

According to some circulating information, the golf course is the dating paradise of the couple. HH’s brand new 13 billion G63 car was bought and donated by you. However, Cuong Do La quickly put down the rumors. Dam Thu Trang also directly defended marriage.

Until the evening of March 20, HH revealed a clear picture of her face in a series of moments of hugging and holding hands with a 6X giant, raising suspicions about married men. Confirmed to take pictures with HH, but the giant U60 denied being in love, saying that the relationship was just cousins, relying on each other.

In addition, HH is also suspected of revealing photos of using stimulants, but this is still only a one-way speculation.

According to Vietnamnet

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