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Why does the transparent case turn yellow?-Hi-tech fashion

Monday, March 21, 2022 10:00 AM (GMT+7)

Transparent cases are a great way to give your iPhone or Android phone an extra layer of protection without covering up its color and design.

However, one problem with some clear cases is that they turn yellow over time. Let’s find out why is that so?

Why does the transparent case turn yellow?  - first

Transparent cases don’t actually turn yellow over time, they’re actually yellow by nature. Case manufacturers often add a small amount of blue dye to offset the yellow color, making it look more crystal clear.

The materials also play an important role in this. Not all clear cases turn yellow over time. Specifically, hard, inflexible transparent cases are mostly not, while cheap, flexible, and flexible silicone cases will turn the most obvious yellow.

This color transition is known as “matter degradation”. There are a number of different environmental factors that contribute to this. In particular, there are two main reasons that promote the material degradation process of transparent phone cases.

The first is ultraviolet, the light that users encounter mainly from the sun. Ultraviolet light is a type of radiation that, over time, breaks down the various chemical bonds that hold the long chains of polymer molecules that make up the case. This creates more of the shorter chains, bringing out the natural yellow color.

Why does the transparent case turn yellow?  - 3

Heat also speeds up this process. Heat from the sun and possibly also from the user’s hand. When it comes to hands, skin is the second offender. More precisely the above natural oils. All the natural oils, sweat, and grease people have on their hands can build up over time.

After all, it’s nothing really obvious that makes the transparent case turn yellow but it simply all comes together to make the transparent color turn more yellow. Even non-transparent cases may vary slightly in color due to this.

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