Philips 345M2CRZ 34″ monitor

Super-wide creative and entertainment space

Philips 345M2CRZ 34 screen - Super wide, work and play extremely well - Photo 1.

Size 34″, 21: 9 aspect ratio (UltraWWide) cinema standard and curved screen design, 345M2CRZ will bring convenience in working and gaming. on the curvature of the eye, curvier than conventional monitors (1500R curved only).345M2CRZ will truly embrace the user, putting you in the center of all the action and happenings on the screen.

Philips 345M2CRZ 34 screen - Super wide, work and play extremely well - Photo 2.

The large size and 21:9 aspect ratio will bring a super-wide space, helping users to unleash their work, creativity and entertainment. This means, 345M2CRZ will display more columns, spreadsheets or information than conventional screens, creating comfort and convenience for users. There will be no need to switch tabs or drag the mouse back and forth between spreadsheets, disrupting thoughts and concentration when working or playing games.

With high pixel density – UltraWide QHD (3440 x 1440) resolution, CrystalClear technology and VA panel, the screen provides a wide viewing angle, ensuring images become more detailed, sharper, and colors and the screen’s contrast is optimized, bringing moments of voyeurism. In addition, the display has a high color gamut coverage of 119% sRGB and 96% Adobe RGB, making the 345M2CRZ fully usable for content design tasks that require high color accuracy.

Fast and precise in every action

Fast thinking, improved focus and risk management are among the useful skills that can be developed through playing games. To enhance its accuracy and capabilities in gaming, the 345M2CRZ monitor has been packed with powerful features.

The 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response rate will provide a smooth, uninterrupted experience when playing games. With integrated AMD FreeSync Premium technology, players will not experience annoying screen tearing, tearing and distraction when playing games that require high processing speed and accuracy.

Convenience and user health protection

Philips 345M2CRZ 34 screen - Super wide, working and playing extremely well - Photo 3.

The 34” large screen size will bring benefits to users. With 345M2CRZ, the screen is also integrated with MultiView technology, allowing users to display 2 different devices at the same time. This means, users can play games, watch tutorial clips or display multiple word and excel tasks from two different source devices at the same time.

In particular, Flicker-Free and Low Blue mode eye protection technology will ensure health and help users limit bad factors that affect the eyes when they have to use the computer for a long time.

The screen 345M2CRZ has a reference price of 11,990,000 VND and has a genuine 36-month warranty. When buying 345M2CRZ at genuine Philips dealers, you will receive many attractive incentives on the occasion of the product’s launch in the market.

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