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The writing contest “My favorite book page” extends the time to receive the contest


To celebrate the 65th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam Education Publishing House (Vietnam Education Publishing House), the writing contest “Pages of books I love” was held to affirm the values, brands and achievements of the Vietnamese Publishing House. . The contest “Pages of books I love” has been held since December 7, 2021 and currently attracts the attention of many readers who love the publication of the Vietnam Publishing House.

Publishing House has undergone 65 years of construction and development with the task of organizing the compilation, publication, and distribution of textbooks, documents, learning materials and educational equipment for all levels and levels across the country. Vietnam Publishing House has always maintained its leading position in the Publishing industry in general and in the field of compiling and publishing educational books in particular.

The contest “Pages of the book I love” was organized with the participation of poets, writers, musicians, teachers, journalists, and those who love reading culture, which will contribute to lighting up and spreading love. love for books and newspapers, effectively contribute to the development of reading culture in the social community and especially to the cause of education and training of the country.

Sharing about the contest, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Van Tung – Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the National Publishing House said: “The book page I love” contest has received many high-quality entries, diverse in genres and topics. There are songs, poems, prose essays, autographs…. written about memories and pages of childhood textbooks, there are insightful comments on textbooks, reference books, and special reference books. special of the Publishing House. Besides, there are also many confidants, nostalgia, and ambitions of the staff who have been working at the Vietnam Publishing House. We appreciate each entry and we also believe that short stories, poems, autographs, and melodies written about VNU Publishing House with the expression of human values ​​from VN Publishing House’s books will create success. for the “My Love Book Page” Composing Contest.

In order to ensure the fairness of the contest, NXBGDVN has divided the prize system into 2 groups A and B for different participants. Specifically:

– Table A: For writers, poets, scientists, teachers, students, students… without age, occupation, Vietnamese nationality.

– Table B: For officials and employees who have been working at Publishing House of Vietnam.

The content of the submitted work expresses thoughts, comments, and evaluations… on textbooks, exercise books, reference books, monographs, improving people’s knowledge, dictionaries, educational books, etc. with the school, with the teaching – learning of teachers and students, with the cause of education in general; The entries in the contest about textbooks, reference books and books in general of the Vietnam National University of Education and Training have oriented, influenced, impacted, and created positive changes to the lives and careers of students. , students, teachers, teachers of many generations; Entries are written about the people and work of the authors who write books for the Vietnam Publishing House; Entries are written about people and work of people who have been working at the Publishing House of Vietnam National University of Education; Entries must be truthful, objective, and have a positive and inspirational impact on the education sector and on the social community.

Composing contest My favorite book page extended the time to receive the contest - Photo 2.

According to the Organizing Committee of the “Page I love book” contest, the time to receive entries for the contest is adjusted: From the contest launch date to the end of April 15, 2022 via email: [email protected] . The announcement and awarding time is expected in May 2022 with a total prize value of up to 200 million VND.

In particular, the winning entries, in addition to having certificates and medals from the Organizing Committee, will also be printed in the anthology collection “Pages of my favorite books” published by the Publishing House.

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