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If you want to know why Honey Lee is called “The most beautiful Miss Korea”, you have to see her photos when she competed in Miss Universe

In recent years, international beauty contests have not recorded many impressive names from Korea. The representatives from Korea in general are not outstanding compared to your country. In the interior, the people of Kim Chi country are not very interested in Miss. However, if it was in 2007, things would be different. And the one who makes the difference is Honey Lee, the girl who is fondly called “the most beautiful Miss Korea”.

Present at Miss Universe 2007, Honey Lee became the brightest face throughout the contest and finally stopped at 3rd runner-up. Also in this year, Asia was glorious when Riyo Mori, the representative from Japan The coronation of the highest position. With glossy brown skin, a solid second round and a confident smile, Honey Lee had a successful swimsuit performance, leaving an impression on the audience.

It’s still the same hair and makeup layout, but when wearing an orange beaded and split evening dress, Honey Lee brings an extremely luxurious and seductive atmosphere. In the national costume contest, Honey Lee as well as other Korean representatives chose hanbok to perform. At this time, she switched to the white-faced, red-lipped face. But with a very American liberal beauty, Honey Lee still suits smoky eyes and “glossy” nude lips.

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Honey Lee’s youthful beauty is not too much like an angel. She once studied abroad in the US before returning to Korea to join showbiz in 2009. Bright eyes, bright smile and dimples make up Honey Lee’s signature beauty. Not out of the trend of the 2000s, Honey Lee also caught the trend with blue eyes – glossy lips – pink cheeks. Her appearance is especially impressive when she wears her hair long and tied her head up, looking like a hot girl in high schools.

Currently, Honey Lee has turned 39 years old, her face is more or less imprinted with time, but her mouth and dimples are still as memorable as ever. After many years, Honey Lee is still loyal to the traditional long black hair, slightly curled. Originally a beauty queen, with extensive experience in beauty contests, it is not difficult to understand when Honey Lee always maintains her beauty in the best state. The glossy skin and balanced body of Hau and actress at the age of forty are the dream of many women in the future.

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