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[11h20 ngày 30/3] Coin secret number 14: ”Whose lie is April?”

Because, there are times when a business makes a loss but the stock price goes up, the business goes up but the price goes down. But stocks aren’t as opaque as love, they all have their causes.

If you have the opportunity to go to the lecture halls of economic schools in the past 2 years, you will see that the lecturers talk a lot about securities. Good stock codes like MSN, VIC… are the ones that are often recommended by professors and doctors of the School of Economics to buy. But in reality, the investor community rarely does that: in the portfolios of many investors, there are no stocks of companies with good growth potential.

Not only do not have good stocks in the portfolio, many people also stumble on the “trap” of buying at the top and selling at the bottom because they follow the advice of the “experts” in quotes. ”The lie of securities” does not come from the instability of the exchanges, but perhaps from the psychology and insufficient knowledge of young investors in the market.

[11h20 ngày 30/3]  Coin secret number 14: ''Whose lie is April?'' - Photo 1.

Coin secret number 14 has the theme “Whose lie is April?”

In “Secrets of Money” number 14 with the topic “Whose lie is April?”, the program will analyze specific conditions, reasons… that easily push investors into self-deception. , money lost disability. An important factor that makes heads shake is rumors, which will also be given a “CT scan” so that we can face statements like “I heard that…”, “I have sources. secret…” in a smarter way.

With the above program theme, the guest of “Whose lie is April?” will be a “financial wolf”: Mr. Pham Do Huy Cuong, Member of the Board of Directors, Chief Financial Officer, An Phat Holdings. Besides, we also see familiar faces again, but the comments they make are not so much less astute: Host Duong Ngoc Trinh; expert Pham Luu Hung (Mr. X30) – Deputy Director of SSI Securities Investment Advisory and Analysis Center (SSI Research) and Hoang Nam Editor.

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