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Thien Truong Sheep swindled the top in the movie Condor Heroes

Sheep Thien Truong is a supporting character in the work of swordplay Condor Heroes by the late writer Kim Dung. Sheep Thien Truong is the twin brother of the head of the Thiet Chuu Thien Nhan sect.

The brothers Sheep Thien Truong and Sheep Thien Received are completely different in personality and appearance. At the age of thirteen, Cuu Thien Nhan accidentally saved the state boss Tiet, the chief of the state, Thuong Quan Kiem Nam. Master Shangguan, grateful to want to repay, devoted all his martial arts to teach him. By the age of twenty-four, Chou Thien Ren gradually became more promising than his master. The next year, the master of the state, Shangguan, passed away, and when he was dying, he handed over the power of the patriarch of the state to him.

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Thien Truong Sheep specializes in impersonating Thien Nhan Sheep to deceive.

Sheep Thien Received one-heartedly practicing martial arts, the higher the martial arts, the more famous the name Thiet Thuong Thuy was in the world. In the past, when discussing the sword in Hoa Son, because the master of the gods was not completely accomplished, he knew that he was not an opponent of Vuong Trung Duong, so Cuu Thien Ren refused to attend.

After that, Cuu Thien Nhan hid on the mountain of Thiet Chuong, closed the door to practice hard, intending to wait until the second opportunity to discuss swords in Hoa Son will win the title of the world’s first martial arts.

At that time, Cuu Thien Nhan and Cuu Thien Truong had completely different temperaments, one person’s martial arts were improving, the other was shy, and more and more like to play tricks. A hermit in the deep mountains, a person who took the opportunity to pretend to be a brother to go out and brag.

Later, Cuu Thien Truong died because when he was discovered by his brother and the state chief, misunderstood his brother’s intentions, so Cuu Thien Truong ran away with Quach Tinh and Hoang Dung, because of his poor internal strength, he accidentally hit his head. to the rock and die.

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