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Cars hit the head of the container truck and the end

03/29/2022 07:21 GMT+7

The old saying “avoiding elephants is not bad” is never wrong, especially when participating in traffic, encountering “terrible” vehicles in both size and speed like container trucks.

The clip taken by the dash cam of the container truck behind recorded the accident that happened at 22:55 on the night of March 26 on National Highway 5A, Lai Khe – Kim Thanh station, Hai Duong, attracting the attention of residents. network.

According to the clip, on the road at that time, there were many vehicles moving on the lane with a hard divider. A white 5-seater car followed a container truck in the inner lane. It seems that the driver is trying to pass the container truck that is going right next to it in the outside lane. However, because the 5-seater car was too small, going close to the head, it was caught in the head of the container truck next to it.

Cars hit the head of the container truck and the end
Pictures cut out from the clip

Consequences of the collision are inevitable. The 5-seater car crashed into the middle divider, then turned sideways, rushed to the right lane of the road, causing the following vehicles to slow down and avoid hitting this car.

The collision between a 5-seater car and a container truck once again raised alarms for drivers, when traveling on the road “one thing is good, nine things are good”, you should exercise your strength rather than race at speed. big cars. Netizens rushed to comment condemning the actions of the 5-seater car driver:

The car tried to pass through the narrow gap, but it entered the tractor’s blind spot, causing the driver’s body to suffer an injustice”;

“Suggest the authorities to use heavy car drivers. Violating traffic laws to head over to public vehicles in the blind spot on the road”;

“Why is the car so stupid? Tapping the truck is just a suicide!”.

Lam Giang

Clip: MXH

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