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China bans live streaming of unauthorized games

National Broadcasting Bureau China (NRTA) has just announced that it will begin stepping up enforcement of the ban on the live streaming of unauthorized games.

According to Engadget, in the NRTA’s announcement issued on April 15, the bureau said that all internet platforms are “prohibited” from streaming games that have not been approved by the government. Industry Analyst video games Daniel Ahmad, said China always requires games to be officially licensed before they can be distributed or streamed in the country, but rarely enforces a ban on live streaming.

China bans live streaming of illegal games

The Chinese government is increasingly tightening its grip on video games


This means games like Elden Ringwhich has not been approved for sale officially in China, it is difficult to find an audience on platforms like Huya. Ahmad noted that the latest version of FromSoftware attracted around 17 million cumulative average daily viewers within the first week of its release.

Ahmad said that the new requirements mean that unless the game is approved by the NRTA, it will be very difficult to show up through live streaming, short videos, ads or other platforms and channels.

The Chinese government has become increasingly tough on video games in recent years. Last summer, the country began to enforce limit weekly 3-hour playtime for kids who want to participate in online video games. At the time of the ban, a state-owned newspaper described the medium as a “spiritual opium”.

The NRTA uses a similar interpretation, arguing that issues like teenage gaming addiction require urgent action on video game streaming.

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