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New invention: Turning waste plastic into bricks

Plastic waste is posing many challenges to the environment. In Nairobi, Kenya alone, 500 tons of plastic waste is thrown into landfills, rivers and lakes every day. However, less than 10% of it is recycled. Faced with this situation, a Kenyan female inventor Dambi Mati took advantage of the endless source of raw materials and founded a startup in the field of recycling.

The production process is carried out in steps, including: small fragmented plastic waste, mixed with sand and processed at extremely high temperatures to create a slurry. This slurry is molded into blocks of different sizes. The final step will produce a hard brick, which is 2-7 times stronger than concrete, but only half as light and 15% cheaper than similar construction materials.

On average, the company produces about 1,500 bricks each day made from industrial and household plastic waste. In the last year, inventor Mati’s company has recycled 50 tons of plastic.

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