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Many new points in 10th grade enrollment in Ho Chi Minh City

The knowledge of the exam questions is mainly in the 9th grade program, there will be no knowledge sections that have been offloaded by the Ministry of Education and Training during the online learning period due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Especially this year, the exam questions will have about 70-80% of knowledge at the level of awareness and understanding. The percentage of applied questions accounted for more than 10%, while the high application rate was less than 10% in each subject.

According to VNE, in the plan of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, the enrollment of 10th grade students is organized according to the method of entrance exam, applied to students graduating from middle school in the city, within the prescribed age.

Students are allowed to register 3 aspirations into high schools (except for Le Hong Phong, Tran Dai Nghia and Gifted High School, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City). Students are advised to choose a school near their place of residence to avoid being admitted but not studying. Students are not allowed to change their wishes after being admitted.

The content of the exam is in the secondary school curriculum, mainly in grade 9. The test score is the total score of each question in the test, calculated on a 10-point scale, with odd scores up to 0.25. Admission score is the total score of 3 exam subjects, calculated by a factor of one and priority plus points. Successful candidates must complete all 3 exams and none of them get a score of 0.

Structure of public entrance exam for class 10 in Ho Chi Minh City

The 10th grade entrance exam for the school year 2022-2023 in Ho Chi Minh City is expected to have the same structure, content and differentiation as every year, but the duration of the English exam will be increased to 90 minutes.

The public 10th grade entrance exam took place on June 11 and June 12 with 3 subjects Math, Literature (120 minutes each), English (90 minutes). This is the first year that the formula for admission of 3 subjects by a factor of 1 is applied, instead of doubling Math and Literature scores as in previous years.

As expected, English subject have time to do the test 90 minutes with 40 multiple-choice questions. Compared to previous years, the exam time increased by 30 minutes and 4 more questions. The content of the test is familiar with the main topics of grammar and vocabulary in the 9th grade program. The topic does not focus on grammar but on skills, application and vocabulary.

The English test has 10%-15% of advanced level questions to differentiate candidates. The content knowledge to reduce the load will not be in the exam.

Topics Math keep the same structure with 70% of the questions at the level of awareness, understanding, 30% applying, high application. Due to the prolonged COVID-19 period, students have to study online continuously, a high level of application in the exam will be considered accordingly.

The math problem is expected to include 8 questions, of which 7 are basic knowledge with graph content, Viet’s theorem, conditions for having solutions of equations, applying learned knowledge to solve real-life problems. The remaining question is a plane geometry problem, consisting of 3 sub-problems.

According to the Department’s note, students often have difficulty with practical problems in reading comprehension, unable to visualize real-life problems such as deposit interest rates, volume, and circumference. Therefore, in addition to grasping mathematical knowledge, students need to practice practical knowledge.

With literatureThe exam structure consists of 3 parts: reading comprehension (3 points), social argument (3 points) and literary discussion (4 points). In the reading comprehension section, the topic can give informational, argumentative, and scientific texts with questions arranged from easy to difficult, from the level of awareness, understanding to application.

The social discussion section requires candidates to write a short essay of about 500 words. Candidates need to ensure the structure of the essay has three parts, including introduction, body, and conclusion. When discussing problems, candidates need to draw lessons of awareness and action for themselves.

The literary discussion part, the spirit of the topic is open-minded, encouraging candidates to freely express their feelings about the literary work. Candidates will have two options: questions asking to analyze and feel about works of stories and poems; questions with more suggestive requirements.

Every year, Ho Chi Minh City has about 100,000 candidates graduating from secondary school; 80% of them registered to take the entrance exam to 10th grade. The target of 115 public schools in Ho Chi Minh City is about 65,000-67,000, so about 15,000 students fail the 10th grade every year.

Children who cannot enter the public sector can continue to study at private high schools, continuing education centers or intermediate schools and vocational colleges.

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