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One person didn’t make it

On the afternoon of April 5, a representative of Quang Ninh Provincial General Hospital informed that one of the four victims of asphyxiation while on duty under the manhole died at the hospital.

Case of 4 gas poisoning workers in Ha Long: One person did not survive - Photo 1.

The functional force rescued 4 workers with gas poisoning in the underground sewer

The death victim is Mr. PSL, 55 years old, a worker of Ha Long Urban Environment Joint Stock Company, the deputy team leader assigned to fix the broken chain of the PS5 station pump motor.

In 4 victims, Mr. PSL had a circulatory arrest for 20 minutes, was in a Glasgow coma with 3 points, the pupils on both sides were 5mm dilated, the skin was pale, and the whole body was cold.

On the morning of April 5, the victim continued to have a circulatory arrest and did not survive due to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) poisoning.

The remaining workers are currently in a state of lethargy, shortness of breath, chest pain, foaming at the mouth, involuntary defecation…. Among these are TTH workers who are still in a coma due to a history of bronchial asthma.

As reported, on the afternoon of April 4, a group of workers from Ha Long Urban Environment Joint Stock Company received the task of constructing and treating the area of ​​the wastewater collection pumping station at Ha Long Flower Park, Bach Ward. Dang, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province.

After arriving at PS5 station, worker V.D.N. However, due to the excessive amount of toxic gas, this worker fainted. After that, the TTH worker who went down to the rescue also suffered asphyxiation.

Faced with that situation, the deputy production team at PSL and the leader of the wastewater treatment plant, Ha Khanh D.HG, went down to the rescue but also suffered asphyxiation.

About 15 minutes later, all four workers were brought up from the sewage pit by the rescue force of the Fire and Rescue Police Department and transferred directly to Quang Ninh Provincial General Hospital for emergency treatment.

Currently, Ha Long City has supported the victim’s family with 20 million VND, the remaining 3 victims are 5 million VND each.

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