3 symptoms on the finger warn that the body is full of toxins that are about to break out, liver and lung cancer is lurking

Drumstick Fingers

Oncology consultant at Bupa Health Care Center (UK), Emma Norton offers a test for the condition of a diamond finger, or how to recognize a club finger.

When healthy people touch the tips of their index fingernails together, a gap will appear a bit like a diamond, like the image below.

  3 symptoms on the finger warn that the body is full of toxins that are about to explode, liver and lung cancer is lurking - Photo 1.

If the distance between the two nails does not form a diamond shape as shown above, it is considered abnormal. Photo: Newsweek.

On the contrary, if your nails do not create this shape, it means that there is a problem with the body’s health. This may be a sign of insufficient oxygen circulating in the blood, a warning of the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, coronary artery disease… In some cases, patients with cirrhosis of the liver, inflammatory bowel disease also have this sign.

However, this expression is most often seen in patients with lung cancer with an incidence of up to 35. According to Cancer Research UK, Schamroth’s finger appears depending on the health situation.

Therefore, experts recommend that you should regularly check the condition of your fingers and if you find abnormalities such as a clubhead, you should see a doctor for the most accurate advice.

Swollen fingers, purple nails

If you do not have any problems, accidents or physical impact, your fingers or nails suddenly become swollen or purple, then you should be careful with your body. This can be a sign that the stomach is accumulating more toxins.

Diseases of the stomach and digestive tract may occur. If the symptoms are accompanied by increasing pain, it may be accompanied by chronic enteritis, indigestion, and other serious gastrointestinal problems.

  3 symptoms on the finger warn the body that a full accumulation of toxins is about to erupt, liver and lung cancer is lurking - Photo 2.

Illustration: Internet

In addition, purple nails are also a sign of blood stasis. Traditional medicine believes that the lungs are the foundation of qi and blood. When there is a problem with the lungs, not providing enough blood and gas, it will be expressed through many factors, including the finger. Therefore, if this condition occurs, it is necessary to seek medical attention immediately lest prolonged damage to the lungs can lead to inflammation, increasing the risk of cancer.

Fingers grow many blisters

When acne occurs on the body, many people often take it lightly, only considering it a problem of the endocrine system, but in fact, this can also be a sign of disease. In particular, when acne grows a lot, grows in clusters, even shows signs of festering, succulent inside, it is advisable to find out the cause clearly.

  3 symptoms on the finger warn that the body is full of toxins about to explode, liver and lung cancer is lurking - Photo 3.

Illustration: Internet

Experts warn that these can be “rescue” signs of internal organs, especially the liver. When the liver has accumulated too many toxins and becomes overloaded, blistering, itchy blisters on fingers or other body parts will appear. These acne spots can “recur” many times, applying allergy medicine does not go away.

If the liver condition becomes severe, even if liver cancer “lurks”, the blisters will be accompanied by jaundice, the acne will take a long time to heal and often cause skin peeling for a long time even after squeezing all the fluid. inside.

At that time, it is necessary to immediately go to the doctor to find out the specific cause, be examined by a doctor, and point out the direction of timely treatment.

Other signs that the body has accumulated many toxins that you should not ignore


In the process of consuming food, we unknowingly load into the body a lot of chemicals that come in it, such as preservatives, colorants, artificial flavors… When the amount of toxins is too much and not allowed Once eliminated, they will accumulate for a long time in the intestines, which can lead to stomach pain and constipation.

Easily dizzy, lose concentration

Even with adequate rest, you still feel dizzy, unable to concentrate the next day. This is because harmful toxins build up in the body, triggering a cascade of reactions that deplete essential vitamins and minerals. This affects the functioning of the body.

Body odor

When toxins build up in the body, they produce gases and odors as they are pushed out of the pores. As a result, the body produces unpleasant odors in places such as armpits, legs, or in the breath.

  3 symptoms on the finger warn that the body is full of toxins about to explode, liver and lung cancer is lurking - Photo 4.

Difficulty sleeping

Large amounts of toxins accumulate in the body, affecting levels of the sleep hormone cortisol, and making you exhausted faster. Therefore, they have a negative effect on sleep.

Frequent breakouts, rashes on the skin

The skin is an organ that is often exposed to many chemicals, dust and pollution from the environment. Therefore, when toxins accumulate in the body, they also manifest themselves in the skin, such as persistent acne, rashes, and eczema.

Uncontrollable weight gain

If the body contains a lot of toxins, they affect a number of hormones, including those responsible for maintaining weight. Therefore, some people, even though they exercise regularly and eat scientifically, still gain weight uncontrollably.

Fragile toenails and fingernails

Fingers are the part that is easily affected by toxins accumulated in the body, so nails are also partly affected by unwanted effects, most notably easily broken and scarred.

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