Mr. Abramovich denied that he had to borrow 1 million USD from friends in Hollywood

Western media is buzzing with information that Abramovich was so poor that he had to borrow about $ 1 million from friends to cover expenses. Accordingly, Mr. Abramovich was said to be unable to access his funds after Western sanctions, leading to a lack of cash.

The first information about this incident was posted on Page Six and spread quickly. However, the spokesman of the Russian billionaire confirmed that all these information are not true. Specifically, Mr. Abramovich did not speak to anyone named by Page Six and did not ask for a loan from them.

“We’ve reached out to Page Six, the site that first published this information, to clarify things. They had absolutely no contact with us prior to publishing this information,” his spokesman said. Abramovich added.

Billionaire Roman Abramovich borrowed $1 million

According to information provided by Page Six, Hollywood director Brett Ratner was among those Abramovich asked to borrow money from. Members of the Rothschild family as well as other prominent figures in Hollywood and Silicon Valley are also among the named group. However, no one responded to the Russian billionaire’s request.

Mr. Ratner declined to comment while Page Six was unable to reach members of the Rothschild family.

Currently, billionaire Abramovich cannot sell any of his assets in the UK, including Chelsea FC, without a special permit issued by ministers or the Office of Financial Sanctions Enforcement (OFSI). Any assets, including cash, of Abramovich in the UK cannot be transferred abroad. His shares on the London Stock Exchange will not be sold or paid a dividend.

However, these properties are still owned by Abramovich. Britain has no right to confiscate them, but can only disconnect the Russian billionaire from his assets.

According to Forbes, billionaire Abramovich recently bought a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner worth £264 million. This is the most expensive private jet model in the world with 50 seats. It has a base cost of £188 million and another £76 million as add-ons to the billionaire’s own preferences.

He also owns a collection of £16 million supercars in the UK. These include the Porsche 911 GT1 Evo, Ferrari FXX, Aston Martin Vulcan and Maserati MC12 Corsa models. In addition, this collection includes a Pagani Zonda R, one of only 15 produced with a selling price of £2.5 million.

Abramovich has 7 children. The oldest is Anna, 29, who graduated from Columbia University with a philosophy degree and lives in New York. Son Arkadiy, 27, has significant investments in oil and gas. Sofia, 26 years old, lives in London. Arina, 20, and Ilya, 18, or Aaron, 11, and Leah Lou, 7 live in New York.

Currently, billionaire Abramovich is a peace bridge to bring the conflict in Ukraine to an end soon. However, it is also reported that he and a number of other peace negotiators were poisoned, but the life of the Russian billionaire is not threatened.

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