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Apple Studio Display has a silly error

Studio Display was stuck on software when it couldn’t upgrade to iOS 15.4.1 and was also blocked by Apple from using iOS 15.4.

Studio Display.  Photo: Nguyen Loc

Studio Display. Image: Nguyen Loc

According to 9to5macmany users report the screen Studio Display failed to upgrade software and got persistent error after receiving notification of new firmware from Apple. Initially, the problem looked like a server connection error, but later, many technology sites discovered that this “bad joke” situation was caused by the manufacturer itself.

In early April, Apple released iOS 15.4.1 with bug fixes Hao battery on iPhone and then 5 days later, the company started to block new installation (sign lock) iOS 15.4. This is a common move when “Apple” releases a new software version to force users to install patches. However, Apple has forgotten that it has another device that only supports iOS 15.4, Studio Display. This monitor doesn’t have the 15.4.1 update and can’t install 15.4, so it keeps getting upgrade errors and can’t work.

Page Engadget said that more than a day after many users encountered the error, Apple realized the problem and unlocked the sign iOS 15.4. This made it possible for the Studio Display to be able to upgrade the software normally after that.

Studio Display has different hardware compared to conventional screens when equipped with the same A13 Bionic processor chip as the iPhone 11 and also integrates the iOS operating system core inside. Before the firmware error, this screen also had a lot of complaints about the webcam. Many users of the FaceTime feature claim the image quality is below average, especially in low light.

Apple’s new screen started selling at the beginning of this month with 6 versions in Vietnam, the cheapest is the non-anti-glare version, without a stand (or a fixed stand), priced from 44 million VND. The highest is the base plate with tilt angle adjustment and anti-glare nano layer for 63 million VND.

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