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4 fatal mistakes in breakfast that cause blood sugar to spike

Breakfast It is the first meal of the day and is the foundation for providing the most beneficial nutrition for health.

For people with diabetes, breakfast is also the most important meal of the day. Many people think that if you skip breakfast, it won’t make you sick blood sugar spikeHowever, this is the cause of dangerous complications.

Recently, endocrinologist Li Aiguo (Chief Doctor of Endocrinology Department, China – Japan Friendship Hospital) pointed out 4 Harmful mistakes in breakfast cause blood sugar to rise easily spikes out of control, which can threaten the health of diabetics.


Endocrinologist Li Aiguo (Chief Doctor of Endocrinology Department, China – Japan Friendship Hospital).

4 fatal mistakes in breakfast that cause blood sugar to spike

1. Eat breakfast too late or skip breakfast

Dr. Li said that many diabetics often eat breakfast too late, especially after 9-10 am. Many people, because they got up late, rushed to work, just eating something available in the house temporarily. Besides, there are also many diabetics who fear their blood sugar will rise so they decide not to eat at all.

These are wrong thoughts. Because breakfast habits help provide energy for physical activity in the morning. At the same time, it helps control hunger, avoid overeating, and consume harmful foods during the day. That helps keep blood sugar stable throughout the morning and even throughout the day. Skipping breakfast and then eating too much at lunch causes blood sugar to fluctuate up and down, damage the pancreas and easily cause complications.


Eating breakfast too late, even skipping breakfast can cause problems Hypoglycemia and disrupt the circadian rhythm, disrupt the body’s metabolism. It is best for diabetics to have breakfast at 7-8 am, at the latest 8:30 am.

2. Like to eat high-fat, high glycemic index foods in breakfast

Foods such as donuts, fried chicken are the favorite breakfast of sweet people. However, this type of food has a high glycemic index, high calories, and is not suitable for diabetics.


In addition, there are many people who like to eat ready-made bread and cakes. Although these foods are claimed to be sugar-free, they are mainly composed of starch, along with other fats and additives, which can raise blood sugar levels quickly.

Advice for diabetics is to always read the ingredient and nutrient lists on the packaging. If there are ingredients like “vegetable cream”, “margarine” and “hydrogenated vegetable oil”, that means it may contain trans fatty acids, which diabetics should not use.

3. Likes to eat soft, crushed, easy-to-digest foods

According to doctor Li Aiguo, if diabetics want to stabilize blood sugar in the body, they should not eat a lot of soft, crushed and easily digestible foods like porridge. Porridge is very soft and thin, so it will lead to the body absorbing carbohydrates in the form of starch too much, too quickly. This affects the stability of blood sugar, causing diabetes and the risk of complications.


Not only white porridge increases blood sugar, glutinous rice also has a very high glycemic index. When you consume glutinous rice, these carbohydrates are converted into calories and sugar, which quickly enter the bloodstream. That causes blood sugar to rise rapidly.

4. Eating is too simple and not balanced with nutrition

A breakfast that is too simple will cause blood sugar to drop, causing diabetics to have no energy to function.

Many people simply eat breakfast with rice and pickles and salted eggplant. That seems safe, but it is very dangerous for diabetes. Eating too much salt over the long term is not beneficial for the body’s metabolism, which can affect blood pressure levels. At the same time, that will damage the blood vessels and nerves of the person with diabetes. Leads to complications such as heart, eyes, and kidneys.


A healthy breakfast should be low in fat, low in salt, rich in high-quality protein, and high in fiber. Grains, vegetables, fish, eggs and milk are scientifically combined for nutritional balance. These dishes are not only rich in nutrients and energy but also have a low glycemic index, which helps to reduce postprandial blood sugar levels. show

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