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The scene where the child cuts off his mother in ‘Love the sunny day’ is heartwarming

Canh Van Trang returned the bracelet and cut off relations with her mother in the second part “Love the sunny day”, causing many viewers to cry.

After nearly three months of finishing the first part, the second part of the movie aired, attracting the attention of the audience, with millions of views and comments. The show currently airs six out of 47 episodes, focusing on solving the unresolved details in part one, which is the relationship between Van Trang (Huyen Lizzie) and biological mother Kim Nhung (Minh Hoa).

Before that, Mrs. Nhung left her daughter to be raised by someone else when she was young and then went away to another country. Later, both worked at the same company, but she did not recognize her son. Kim Nhung always tries to suppress and humiliate Van Trang because she thinks she will take her position. Van Trang recognized her mother but kept everything a secret.

In the second part, the conflict between the two continued to escalate. In episode six (aired on the evening of April 13), Kim Nhung suspected Van Trang of stealing things, many tricks. Van Trang decided to reveal her identity by returning the necklace – her mother’s memento before leaving – to Mrs. Nhung. She announced her resignation, ending the “bad fate” part. Under the rain, she remembers the moment of abandonment and cries out of pity. Mrs. Nhung panicked when she recognized her daughter and shed tears of regret.

Excerpt from episode 6 - part 2 "Love the sunny day"

Excerpts from Van Trang return round, cut off the relationship with her birth mother. Video: VTVGo

The scene attracted more than 1.4 million views after 10 hours of posting on Facebook, with thousands of shares and comments. Most of the audience said they were moved and shed tears while watching the movie. Account Bich Huong wrote: “The emotional video made me watch it again and again and still cry. The scene of Van Trang crying in the rain interspersed with the image of her mother leaving when she was young. It was really heartbreaking. The scene of Mrs. Nhung’s inner turmoil. When I realized that I was also excellent.”

Audience Tran Thoa commented: “When Van Trang returned the ring and said if it was just karma, I was moved to tears. The mother who expected no matter how much she treated me harshly again and again. It’s one of the best scenes in the movie.”

The natural acting of the actors also contributed to the success of the film. Huyen Lizzie portrays the sadness and disappointment of a child who had to cut ties with his mother because of the trauma through each facial expression. Minh Hoa expressed his surprise and torment when he recognized his daughter with his eyes and mouth gestures.

Huyen Lizzie said the scene took a lot of effort but was her favorite. Actors had to soak in the rain and kneel on the brick floor for four hours because the crew went back and forth at many angles to ensure quality. The filming time was winter, wet rain made Huyen Lizzie shiver because of the cold. “Although it was very hard, the more I acted, the stronger the emotions overflowed. I tried to put myself in the character, feel the pain and sorrow of the child who found himself helpless in front of his mother. Fortunately for the crew. support padding so I don’t hurt my knees from kneeling on the floor for a long time,” she said.

Mrs. Kim Nhung was surprised when she recognized her daughter.  Photo: VFC

Mrs. Kim Nhung was surprised when she recognized her daughter. Image: VFC

The story of the film also revolves around the life and relationship between Mrs.Meritorious Artist Thanh Quy), wife and daughter Van Khanh (Lan Phuong). Seeing Mrs. Nga hanging out with friends of the opposite sex, Khanh said that her mother wanted to love in her old age. She protested because she thought that the mother was old and acted inappropriately, making the children ashamed. Khanh’s attitude made Nga angry and slapped her child. When she returned home, she was scolded by her mother-in-law for not knowing how to take care of her sick husband, causing Khanh to shed tears because of self pity.

Love the sunny day Directed by Bui Tien Huy, Vu Truong Khoa, revolves around the life of Mrs. Nga and her three children: Van Khanh, Van Trang, and Van Van (Ngoc Huyen). Nga worked hard from a young age, her husband died early, and sold vermicelli noodles alone to raise her children. She is talkative, talkative, but diligent, and always loves her children to the fullest.

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