What Apple says about Meta charging almost 50% commission: ‘Hypocrisy!’

Meta, said in a blog post this Monday that it is allowing some Horizon Worlds creators to sell virtual assets. The Horizon Worlds virtual reality platform is considered an integral part of Meta’s metaverse.

But, the company says it will take up to 47.5% fees per transaction, including a “hardware platform fee” of 30% through the Meta Quest Store, as well as a 17.5% fee on Horizon Worlds.

“We think it’s a pretty competitive rate in the market,” he said. Vivek Sharma, Horizon VP of Meta, told The Verge.

What Apple says about Meta charging almost 50% commission: 'Hypocrisy!'  - Photo 1.

Zuckerberg often criticized Apple’s way of charging, now Meta charges even more.

But this plan of Meta immediately received objections from the developers. Because the number they set is much higher than other platforms, like the NFT OpenSea “marketplace” which only charges 2.5% per transaction, or the NFT LookRare trading platform that also charges only 2%.

And in response to this plan, Apple spokesman Fred Sainz told MarketWatch that this is an act that shows the “hypocritical” nature of this company.

“Meta has repeatedly criticized Apple for charging developers 30% commission on in-app purchases in the App Store, saying we used small businesses and creators as scapegoat by all means”, Apple spokesman stated in an email. “Now, Meta seeks to charge those creators significantly more than any other platform. Their announcement reveals Meta’s hypocritical nature. It shows that while they’re still figuring out how to use Apple’s platform for free, they can still happily monetize the creators and small businesses that use their platform.”

Before that, Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, repeatedly called Apple’s method of charging 15% to 30% of purchases in the App Store‌ anti-competitive and monopolistic.

In June 2020, Zuckerberg said that his company would offer free paid online events, registrations, badges, and other products to creators until 2023, and after that, Meta would public. pay a commission “30% less than what Apple and others are getting”.

It’s not clear when this lower commission will be announced, but at least as far as the metaverse is concerned, Zuckerberg’s promise of lower fees than Apple is no longer valid.

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