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NASA returns super moon rocket ‘to the place of production’ after 3 failed tests

NASA returns the super rocket to the place of production after 3 failed tests - Photo 1.

Super rocket Space Launch System (SLS) – Photo: ARS TECHNICA

On the evening of April 16 (local time), the US Space Agency (NASA) announced a plan to pull the SLS system super rocket from the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center back to the system assembly building. in the coming days, according to the news site Ars Technica.

The decision was made after 3 failed tests in the past 2 weeks. This marks a notable setback for this ambitious space program.

Since April 1, NASA has carried out towing the SLS system super rocket to the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center to “rehearse” refueling.

Each refueling attempt was plagued by one or more technical problems with the rocket, its mobile launcher, or the ground systems delivering propellant and gas.

In the most recent test, on April 14, NASA succeeded in loading 49% of liquid oxygen fuel tanks in the core stage and 5% of liquid hydrogen tanks.

While this represents progress, it falls short of the test requirements, where the rocket must be fully fueled and supercharged.

When the SLS rocket returns to the assembly building, its contractors and agencies will use the next few weeks to resolve issues that arise during refueling, NASA said.

For example, gaseous nitrogen system supplier Air Liquide will upgrade its capabilities. NASA will also replace a faulty one-way valve in the rocket’s upper stage, as well as fix a fuel leak problem on the “umbilical tail” of the mobile launch tower, a 10-meter-tall structure that provides power and fuel lines rocket fuel.

However, NASA seems confident it will get through this “painful teething” process of the SLS super rocket: a program that is 11 years old and NASA has invested more than $30 billion in the supersonic system. The missile and the ground are currently being tested.

According to NASA’s news website, on the afternoon of April 18 (local time), NASA will hold a teleconference to discuss the status of the refueling test of the Space Launch System super rocket. SLS) and the Orion spacecraft.

At the same time, NASA will also review the launch schedule of the supermoon Artemis 1 rocket.

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