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Young man suffers severe burns when changing gas cylinders-Health and Life

Tuesday, April 19, 2022 18:29 PM (GMT+7)

While the 31-year-old man changed the gas cylinder, unfortunately, the valve was open, the fire broke out, causing him severe burns, requiring emergency care.

Vietnam – Sweden Hospital Uong Bi (Quang Ninh province) has just received a 31-year-old male patient, residing in Hai Phong city with severe burns to the face, forearm and hand.

About 30 minutes before being admitted to the hospital, while the young man changed the gas cylinder, unfortunately due to the valve opening, the gas leaked, the fire rose, causing the patient to suffer severe burns and was taken to the emergency room by his family.

The young man suffered severe burns when he changed the gas cylinder - 1

A young man is hospitalized with severe burns to his face and forearm – Photo: Provided by the hospital

The patient was admitted to the hospital with second-degree burns to the neck, face, forearm, hands, and knees on both sides, with an area of ​​about 20%.

The doctors treated the patient’s burn injury. The patient is currently being monitored and treated at the hospital.

According to doctors, the hospital has received many cases of burns due to fires and explosions related to gas and gas stoves. These burn injuries cause injuries to the face, arms, and legs with complex injuries that often leave serious consequences and sequelae.

Therefore, when detecting people with burns, absolutely do not self-treat first aid with methods that have not been scientifically proven because it will increase the risk of infection.

People also need to be very careful in the process of using and repairing gas stoves. Should choose and buy gas cylinders, gas stoves of clear origin, should not buy and use floating products with many potential risks.

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