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Genshin Impact, Roblox plummeted, Candy Crush Saga is still awesome

Based on data from App Intelligence of SocialPeta and other data sources, I’ve sorted the top 10 mobile games by revenue, downloads and ads globally for March 2022, hoping to help many people in the mobile app industry, who are trying to understand the changing trends of the global market.

Global Mobile Game Market Overview in March: Roblox and Genshin Impact reported revenue declines on both Apple Store and Google Plat for March. Download chart of 5 new games and arcade games The puzzle still maintains its normal rate of increase. Revenlation Online ramped up its promotional efforts during the pre-registration of the Japanese version and topped the iOS ad-based game charts.

Top 10 games by revenue

Mobile game village in March: Genshin Impact, Roblox dropped seriously, Candy Crush Saga is still hegemony - Photo 1.

In terms of global mobile game revenue, Roblox topped the chart with revenue of nearly $81 million in March. But the game’s revenue on both iOS and Android tends to decline month-on-month and decline. 10.9% on iOS.

While that’s rare with Genshin Impact, the game has also reported a drop in revenue on both Apple and Google Play, down 26.6% month-on-month from the App Store and down 19.2% on Google Play. The Rerun (rerun) of Raiden Shogun, Sangonomiya Kokomi and the character was not as expected, so it was not too attractive to gamers, which caused revenue on both App Store and Google Play to decrease. It is clear that Genshin Impact’s revenue is mainly based on the characters.

Monster Strike (モ ン ス ), a mobile game developed by Japanese company XFLAG, has reported a 69.6% increase in revenue from Google Play compared to the previous month. The game was released for the second time in collaboration with the popular manga series Domon Slayer in March, introducing 5 popular characters including “Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku”, “Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui” and “Nezuko Kamado”. This partnership was a huge success as it was started when Demon Slayer Season 2 kicked off the project.

The second highest-grossing game is Uma Musume Pretty Derby, an anime-style mobile game published by Cygames. The game grossed over $77 million in revenue in March, with a 20.4% monthly growth from Google Play. Sales spike as a result of regular updates in March: Events such as White Day on March 14, the final chapter of the main story’s “Dream Rough” first season was released on March 18. 03, “Tonight at Ligne Drote (今宵、リーニュ・ドロワットで)” was released on March 28.

Top 10 games by download

Mobile game village in March: Genshin Impact, Roblox dropped seriously, Candy Crush Saga is still hegemony - Photo 2.

Next, by downloads in March. Subway Surfers continues to top the chart among the most downloaded mobile games on the App Store. In March, the Game had more than 4.7 million downloads from the App Store, up 46.9% from the previous month.

In March, there were 5 new games in the top 10 games with the most downloads. Among them, Army Commander, a casual game from Lion Studios, which quickly gained popularity shortly after its global release on February 27, and Wordle! recorded a spike in downloads because of its similarity to the popular web-based game. After that success, Wordle! had 8 updates in March, attracting many users with regular updates and optimizations.

With the remaining influence from livestreaming, the copyright-based products “Talking Tom & Friends” continue to gain an increasing number of downloads. In which, My Talking Tom 2 was downloaded the most with more than 9.3 million times from the App Store, up 14.8% compared to the previous month.

Two games stand out with high downloads on the App Store: Fishdom with 2.7 million downloads, up 58.8% month-on-month, sports-themed simulation game 8 Ball Pool™ with 2.8 million downloads, up 40% month-on-month prior to.

Top 10 games by advertisement

Mobile game village in March: Genshin Impact, Roblox dropped seriously, Candy Crush Saga is still hegemony - Photo 3.

Now, let’s check out the advertising criteria in March. The MMO Revenlation Online has started pre-registration for the Japanese version: AZUREA-空の唄.

The game has been running ads since March 1st and topped the iOS charts with 2700 ads delivered. The game officially launched on April 13.

Doodle Mobile Coloring Book coloring game! ranked first in terms of advertising among all puzzle games in March, with 2300 ads delivered on iOS, up 69.3% from the previous month. According to data from SocialPeta, the game focuses on advertising in the US, Australian and UK markets.

Yotta games’ Grand Mafia replaced Mafia City as the most advertised mobile SLG game in March, with over 7000 ads delivered on both iOS and Android, an 8.3% increase from the previous month. .

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