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Questioned about election, Trump calls host ‘idiot’

Mr Trump argued with the host about the 2020 presidential election, calling him “dishonest” and a “fool”.

In the trailer for the interview between former US president Donald Trump and host Piers Morgan published on April 20, Morgan repeatedly questioned Trump about the allegation of vote rigging that caused Trump to lose the election. presidential election 2020.

The 45th US president grew increasingly bored with Morgan’s questions, at one point calling the host a “fool”.

“I think I’m a very honest person, a lot more honest than you,” Trump said. “Really?” Morgan asked again. “That’s right,” Trump replied.

Morgan told Trump that the 2020 election was “free and fair. You lost.”

“Only a fool would think that,” Trump countered. “You think I’m an idiot,” Morgan retorted. “Yes, that’s what I’m saying,” Trump replied.

Trump argued with the interviewer, left midway

Former President Trump argued with host Morgan during a preview broadcast on April 20. Video: NY Post.

Ever since the US media predicted Mr. Joe Biden to be the winner of the race for the White House in November 2020, Mr. Trump and his allies have repeatedly accused of election fraud and filed a series of lawsuits over the issue. this, but all failed. Trump has repeatedly claimed he actually won, although he has not offered any proof. The former US president has also repeatedly hinted that he will run for re-election in 2024.

“You didn’t come up with convincing evidence,” Morgan said.

“I don’t think you’re honest,” Trump told Morgan, then turned to the production team and called the interviewer “very dishonest.”

The video ends with Trump leaving his seat and asking the production team to “turn off the camera”. “Very dishonest,” Trump added as he left.

Morgan revealed he also told the former president that it was Trump’s failure to concede election defeat that led to the deadly riot on Capitol Hill on January 6. “Then you’re an idiot who wouldn’t learn anything,” Trump replied.

According to Morgan, the former president called him “a fool” six times in the interview, describing Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell as “stupid” and former vice-president Mike Pence as “foolish and needy” weakness”.

The full version of the interview will be broadcast on April 25.

Huyen Le (According to NY Post)

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