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Super beautiful number plates are no longer associated with luxury cars?

Thursday, April 21, 2022 19:00 PM (GMT+7)

After a series of affordable car buyers picked up super rare license plates, doubts about only luxury cars having beautiful plates were gradually removed.

At the end of March this year, a man in Hai Duong bought a Toyota Camry and went to pick the sea by himself, he won the jackpot with the sign “34A – 555.55”. A few days ago, a customer residing in Nghe An after owning a Kia Sonet also won nice number plate ’37A 999.99′. Thanks to that, the value of both cars has increased many times. The Toyota Camry was later ceded for VND 3.5 billion, and Kia Sonet in Nghe An now has a new owner and there are many sources that he has to spend VND 2.6 billion to own. it.

Super beautiful number plates are no longer associated with luxury cars?  - first

The man in Nghe An suddenly “picked up” the number plate of the fifth quarter of the year.

Rare and hard-to-find events occur consecutively on popular models, with only a price of about one billion dong, showing that the loading of number plates has now become more random and transparent. Before that, enthusiasts only saw a few sporadic new super luxury cars with five-quarter, four-quarter, and advanced license plates.

Super beautiful number plates are no longer associated with luxury cars?  - 2

The beautiful license plate is attached to many super luxury cars, with the price of a new house equal to the price of a villa.

According to many people, buying a new car with a nice number plate will make many people feel that they should auction car number plates to have money to pay to the State budget, contributing to better social security. . In addition, the public auction of license plates can limit the negative. This opinion has given rise to many conflicting views.

According to Mr. MN, who lives in Doi Can Street, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, said: “The auction of number plates will help create transparency and fairness, not favor those who have a relationship. Therefore, part of it. The money from the number plate auction will be remitted to the state budget, contributing to filling the budget package for social welfare such as building schools, hospitals, road construction, and supporting the disadvantaged. , the poor can also benefit from this activity”.

However, Mr. QB, residing in Dong Da, Hanoi opposes the above opinion: “Auction of number plates will cause injustice in society. This makes the boundary between the rich and the poor increasingly clear. Ordinary license plate drivers will feel inferior to luxury cars with four-quarter and five-quarter license plates.

Others have a neutral opinion. They think that cars are expensive assets, so buying a cheap car, saving fuel and ensuring durability is the biggest concern, the license plate is just a symbol to classify the cars. different means.

In fact, the beautiful sea or the bad sea does not help the car go faster and stronger, but what is important is the operation and maintenance process. There is also no scientific proof that a beautiful license plate will bring a lot of luck to the owner. All the numbers that many people believe to contain a lot of fortune are mainly based on folk beliefs, which have been passed down orally for many generations. Therefore, buyers should consider carefully when buying a car with a beautiful number plate. The most important thing is to carefully check their operating condition, do not ‘overstretch’ to own a beautiful car and then spend more money on repairs.

Recently, at the request of the Deputy Prime Minister, the Ministry of Public Security shall assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Finance and other relevant ministries and agencies in completing the project file, the National Assembly’s Resolution on the piloting mechanism. points granting the right to choose license plates through auctions. If this proposal is approved by the National Assembly at its Third Session next May, the auction can be piloted immediately.

According to the pilot resolution, the number plate auction process will be organized by the police of provinces and centrally run cities. The provincial police will sign a contract to hire an asset auction organization. This process will be completely public through an online form, clearly listing the starting price and closing time for everyone to have the opportunity to participate.

There are currently two options for the right to use the auction number plate. The first option is that the auction winner will be used, not allowed to transfer the number plate. With the second option, the winner of the license plate auction can use, transfer, buy and resell as a commodity.

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