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Marine Le Pen attacked Mr Macron as “arrogant”

Marine Le Pen on April 21 made a campaign trip to the Pas-de-Calais and Hauts-de-France regions, two localities considered to be bases of the far-right Democratic Party. In the last rally held in Arras province on the evening of the same day, Ms. Le Pen continued to defend the radical election project, putting the interests of the country and the French people first. The far-right candidate condemned the somewhat arrogant attitude of Mr. Emmanuel Macron during the previous live debate.

“We have seen an indifferent, condescending and always arrogant Emmanuel Macron. A President shouldn’t behave like that. His attitude last night, his contempt, is exactly what he has shown to the French people for nearly five years,” Le Pen said.

For his part, Mr. Emmanuel Macron said that nothing is certain, although he is considered to be dominant over his opponent after the debate on April 20. Mr. Macron yesterday made a trip to an area where the working class is concentrated in the Seine-Saint-Denis province, on the outskirts of Paris. In the first round, the majority of people in this area gave their support to the extreme leftist candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Addressing left-leaning voters, the French leader continued to attack Marine Le Pen’s campaign project, which is causing divisions in French society.

“You have a project for the Republic and a project against the Republic. Her project is confused on all topics and this is evident in the debate. She always confuses issues of terrorism, security, immigration, Islam and Islamism,” Macron said.

According to a poll released by the Ipsos-Sopra Steria Institute yesterday, a face-to-face debate with Marine Le Pen helped Emmanuel Macron widen the gap with his opponent to 15 points, with an error of between plus and minus 3. point.

In the context that there are only 3 days left in the second round of the election, Marine Le Pen’s chances do not seem to be much. Experts say that the situation of the far-right candidate is like “alone against all”.

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