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10-year-old boy comatose, fulminant myocarditis because parents are subjective when their child has COVID-19-Life Health

Tuesday, April 26, 2022 08:00 AM (GMT+7)

The National Children’s Hospital has just received and successfully treated a 10-year-old child with severe acute COVID-19 with severe progression due to fulminant myocarditis.

Dr. Phan Huu Phuc, Deputy Director of the Children’s COVID-19 Intensive Care Center under the National Children’s Hospital, said that a pediatric patient in Quang Ninh was hospitalized on March 16. Four days before being admitted to the hospital, the baby had a high fever of 39 degrees Celsius, the rapid test was positive. The family thought that the child had only a mild case of COVID-19 and recovered quickly, so they did not take the child to the doctor. When he saw that he was tired, short of breath, pale, and his family took him to the hospital, the doctors informed him that he was in critical condition.

Dr. Dao Huu Nam, Head of the Intensive Care Unit, Center for the Intensive Care of Children with COVID-19, said that the child was admitted to the hospital with high fever and fatigue, difficulty breathing, respiratory and circulatory failure. “Despite having a healthy history, no underlying disease, and special symptoms, this is one of the most critical patients at the center,” said Dr. Nam.

“At that time, we thought about situations, because he had a wave of infections SARS-CoV-2 Prior to this, shock and severe myocardial damage may be present in the setting of multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C), but may also be caused by another episode of acute viral infection. Therefore, along with the initial resuscitation measures such as supporting the child’s vital functions, we have to explore more tests to determine the exact cause of diagnosis and have appropriate treatment solutions.” Dr. Phan Huu Phuc shared. Many measures such as mechanical ventilation, dialysis with an adsorbent filter have been taken to save the baby’s life.

10-year-old boy comatose, fulminant myocarditis because parents are subjective when their child has COVID-19 - 1

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After receiving initial resuscitation treatment, in the first 1-2 days, the patient was quite stable and the prognosis improved. However, then the patient suddenly got worse, the doctors decided to put the child on ECMO (extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation) in the hope of saving the baby’s life. At this time, ECMO is considered as the last resort to save the child’s life.

After many stressful days, the patient also passed the critical period. In total, the baby received dialysis for 5 days, mechanical ventilation for 15 days and ECMO for 8 days. After that critical period, the patient was weaned from ECMO and returned to normal breathing.

Up to now, the child’s condition has been quite stable, the recovery ability is relatively good, and the heart function has clearly improved. The situation gradually stabilized back to normal. Currently, the baby is being prepared for discharge from the hospital and continues to be periodically re-examined by a cardiologist.

According to doctors, most people with COVID-19 have mild symptoms and recover quickly. However, the above pediatric case may be in serious danger because of acute myocarditis, so doctors recommend the community not to be subjective with COVID-19, especially young children and adolescents. . When detecting symptoms such as high fever, chest pain, palpitations, cyanosis, shortness of breath, fatigue, lethargy, heart palpitations, etc., parents need to take the child to the nearest medical facility for treatment. timely detection and treatment.

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