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Lumi Vietnam, 10 years pioneering IoT/Smarthome trends in Vietnam

IoT/Smarthome Vietnam Industry Trend Seminar 2022

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Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lumi Vietnam shared at the event

As a pioneer in the IoT/smarthome industry, Lumi is the first to announce the Vietnam Smarthome Report 2022 – a market research report on the smarthome industry in Vietnam. The seminar is a forum for units to share, evaluate and analyze IoT/Smarthome trends in the world, as well as a potential “picture” of smarthome in Vietnam.

chu tich hdqt lumi viet nam chinh thuc cong bo bao cao nganh smarthome dau tien tai viet nam 39dc883130fc4fa69c0ae3465da8203d
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lumi Vietnam officially announced the first Smarthome industry report in Vietnam

At the event, the Lumi representative shared assessments of the current situation and trends of the IoT industry in Vietnam, from the perspective of an in-depth research and development unit for solutions with IoT technology as the core. At the same time, Lumi also announced the Vietnam Smarthome Report 2022. This is considered the first in-depth Smarthome market report made by a Vietnamese company with a scale of more than 10,000 respondents across the country.

The Lumi representative said that this smarthome industry report can be considered a “reflecting mirror” of smarthome businesses’ efforts in exploiting the market, based on users’ awareness and satisfaction with the concept. “smart home”.

10 year mark of “pioneering”

At the product display and experience space, Lumi told the story of its 10-year development journey, since the founding team were young ambitious students, the challenges in the process of establishing Lumi Viet. Male.

The final crystallization of that journey is a comprehensive smart home ecosystem, with recognition from experts and users. Among them, there is a prominent CE Certificate that helps Lumi become a brand to export smarthome devices to foreign countries; Certificate of Science and Technology Enterprise. On this journey, the enterprise also has outstanding achievements such as: being honored “Best Smart Home” at Tech Awards, winning Sao Khue Award for 2 consecutive years (2020, 2021).

khach moi tham quan chup anh tai buc tuong lich su trong khuon kho su kien 9b8de24cabf84e9998f97ef8f2b2a4b2
Guests visit, take photos at the Historical Wall within the framework of the event

On the stage of the event, Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai – CEO of Lumi Vietnam shared about Lumi’s tumultuous 10-year journey: “The past decade has been the decade we accompanied the IoT and smarthome industries in Vietnam. Having witnessed and participated in the industry’s developments, we understand that the next decade will be a challenging but also promising period for businesses that know how to quickly seize opportunities.”

Repositioning the brand, ready for a new stage

A particularly attractive activity in the event of Lumi Vietnam is the announcement ceremony of the repositioning of the brand. After a decade of development, with the position of the leading brand in the smarthome industry in Vietnam, Lumi has always remained consistent with the core values ​​brought to customers, and at the same time determined that product quality assurance is the prerequisite factor.

For the first time after 10 years of operation, Lumi Vietnam repositioned its brand to: be more suitable for modern customers; consistent with the new development strategy; mission elevation; concretize the core values ​​of the brand that have been built and maintained for over a decade: creativity, aesthetics, intelligence and “Make in Vietnam”.

ong nguyen duc tai ceo lumi viet nam cong bo nhan dien thuong hieu moi cua lumi viet nam 4b02bad24289440aad14bc7147c3287a
Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai – CEO of Lumi Vietnam announced the new brand identity of Lumi Vietnam

With this rebranding activity, Lumi hopes to improve customer experience and creative efforts, along with the development of the country in the context of the 4.0 technology revolution taking place like a storm. . Image of a “healthier”, younger, more modern and intelligent Lumi. This is also the image of the promising smarthome industry in Vietnam in the coming decade.

At the event, Lumi’s representative also shared more about the new product development roadmap, aiming to perfect the smart home solution of Vietnamese people, for Vietnamese people, for the comfortable life of Vietnamese homes. With a team of enthusiastic and highly specialized Vietnamese engineers, the Lumi products expected to launch promise to bring a more classy experience, commensurate with the increasingly high living standards.

lumi gioi thieu chien luoc san pham moi 2022 b555ad12cf60453da54c9fd19b725b36
Lumi introduces new product strategy 2022

As one of the first smart home businesses in Vietnam, Lumi Vietnam – The most favorite brand at Tech Awards for 2 consecutive years, contributing significantly to creating and leading the smarthome market in Vietnam, changing the definition of a smart home for tens of thousands of Vietnamese people. Lumi Vietnam has been creating a comfortable and convenient living space for 40,000 domestic and foreign customers.

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