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‘No bad number plates’

In fact, the number plate of a car or motorbike is not ugly or beautiful, it is just a personal concept of each person.

With the question “Is it possible to change the license plate of a car?”, I still don’t understand what “unsatisfactory” means. If I say that I don’t like it because of feng shui, the numbers dialed out do not match, then I would say it is superstition. And if you say you don’t like it because the number is “not pretty”, that’s up to the person, if you don’t think it’s beautiful, it’s your business. Let’s dial the number so that there is no “change until you get a good number”, but if you want the number you want, then wait until the new law is issued. Now, I sincerely advise the author to pay attention to other things, a few numbers will not change his fate or the car.

To make fun of my story, when I took the number plate of motorbikes, people said that the complement number (the sum of the numbers was equal to 10) was not good. I pulled out the offset number plate. Up to now my car is still running well, has not had any accidents and most importantly, over 10 years, I have only been fined three times by the police for errors such as: changing lanes without turning signals, turning right without turning- fast and do not turn on the lights at night.

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