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Adolescent depression from a multidimensional perspective

Real people, real stories about the dark side and impact of teenage depression will be shared in 6 videos on eBox, aired on May 16.

Each video in eBox 8 is a separate story, perspective and emotion revolving around depression in adolescence, a time of many changes in mind and physiology. From there, viewers really realize and understand the nature of adolescent depression and its negative impact on each individual and family. Led in the videos are psychologists, characters coming out of depression. Readers can register to participate in eBox here.

The program will open with the video “Memories and storms at the age of 14” by Nguyen Lam Thao Tam, known for her role as Hong in “Blue Eyes”. The video takes readers through the area of ​​”gray memories” at the age of 14 of Thao Tam when she fell into depression due to school bullying and all her emotions when facing a “black hole” to the point of wanting to jump upstairs. suicidal. The video is personal but also clearly portrays a young person, more complete than previous generations, but lonely in the vast online world…

Depression is increasingly common in adolescents.  Photo: Pixabay

Depression is increasingly common in adolescents. Image: Pixabay

The second video with the theme “Helping children through the storm” focuses on telling the heartbreaking story of a mother, who is also a psychologist, when she learned that her child was depressed and how she and her son got through the stormy period. The video will expose the hidden corners of families with children with psychological problems, and at the same time explain the difficulties of parents in approaching children.

In the third premiere video, readers will hear experts in the field of social activism tell stories about people who have unfortunately fallen into depression. The video clearly depicts the portrait of teenagers, the pressures and hidden memories of today’s young generation, and the underlying causes of depression.

“Save yourself” will be the 4th story told at this eBox. The story is about the journey to overcome the “storm” and how Nguyen Lam Thao Tam inspires young people to fall into the same situation. It is known that after overcoming depression, Thao Tam became the champion of EF Challenge Vietnam 2016, representing Vietnam to participate in the World Young Leaders Forum.

Nguyen Lam Thao Tam shares the story of overcoming depression at the age of 14 at eBox No. 8. Photo: provided by the character

Nguyen Lam Thao Tam shares her story of overcoming depression at the age of 14 at eBox 8. Photo: character provide

The 5th story at eBox tells about the parent’s own healing journey. Parents themselves also have many feelings, and even face a lot of pressure and suffering in life when their children fall into depression. The journey of accompanying children is also the process of transforming themselves.

The 8th eBox will close with a video about empathic listening. Parents need to listen and understand their feelings to promptly share with their children. Schools and society also listen to the voices of depressed people and adolescents to reduce their imposition, prejudice and use their generation’s frame of reference to impose on their children.

Besides the 6 premiere videos, this eBox topic also has an online exchange with a psychologist. This is an opportunity for parents to ask questions directly to the speakers to learn more about teen depression and how to help their kids overcome it.

Research by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) shows that about 8%-29% of adolescents in Vietnam suffer from mental health problems in general, 10% of adolescents suffer from mental health problems. depression and 10% of children commit suicide because of depression. These are numbers that can speak, alerting parents to pay careful attention, listen, share and sympathize with their children’s thoughts and actions.

eBox Adolescent Depression by online newspaper VnExpress, scheduled to broadcast in three days 16, 17 and 18/5. Currently, the topic is open for early ticket sales with a preferential price of 199,000 VND. Readers can buy tickets to see the show here.

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