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The “rumored lover” is about to get married, Quang Le announced to do a special thing in the wedding ceremony

Ha Thanh Xuan was born in 1988, is a famous female singer of Bolero music. She and singer Quang Le used to duet in many love songs Da Lat my love, Unfinished love song, Sponge…

Not only are good actors on stage, Ha Thanh Xuan and Quang Le are also close in real life. The couple used to be entangled in many rumors about a relationship beyond friendship, but Ha Thanh Xuan shared that she considers Quang Le as a friend, brother, and confidant.


Quang Le and Ha Thanh Xuan.

Meanwhile, Quang Le affirmed: “Ha Thanh Xuan can love me on stage, and I can love Ha Thanh Xuan in real life”.

In the past few days, the news that singer Ha Thanh Xuan is about to get on a flower car has covered social networking sites and then, another singer has confirmed that she and businessman Thang Ngo will hold a wedding on February 2. 5. This surprised many people.

On the south side of singer Quang Le, on the afternoon of April 27, he also officially shared that Ha Thanh Xuan was about to get married on his fanpage.

Accordingly, the vocalist Break the guitar posted a picture of a wedding card, a commemorative photo taken with singer Ha Thanh Xuan and lyrics Farewell to you on the wrong day.

This is the memory of my brothers, coming here will be your wedding day, I wish you happiness with your husband, I will sing a song Farewell to you on the wrong day to bless and record the memories of my 3 brothers”, Quang Le expressed.


Quang Le announced that he would sing the song “Farewell to you on Vu Quy” at the wedding ceremony of Ha Thanh Xuan.

Under the article, many fans share their regrets and hope that the male singer will also find a happy destination in life.

Quang Le was born in 1979, known as the famous vocalist of the Bolero/Anh genre, leaving a mark in the hearts of the audience by his sweet voice through a series of songs such as: Where do you go, your beloved’s hair, Smash the guitar, Purple durian pink card,….

At the age of 43, the male singer has achieved a lot of success in his career and owns a huge fortune with villas, luxury cars, and expensive brands. However, Quang Le has experienced many love problems, so fans expect him to soon find the person of his dreams.

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