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Millions of Chinese students are at risk of unemployment

With 10.76 million undergraduate and graduate students graduating this year, China’s Ministry of Education warns of potentially chaotic labor market conditions.

In late April, ministry officials assessed the job market this year would be “worse than all of 2020” as Covid-19 returned to China for most of the summer. About 10.76 million undergraduate and graduate students are about to graduate, an increase of 1.67 million year-on-year and a record high. The number of bachelors, masters and doctorates is increasing, while the number of jobs has not changed significantly.

Wang Loujie, a senior at a top Shanghai university, said companies are no longer as keen on hiring as they used to be. Therefore, Wang decided to extend the university program by one year, while job prospects were low.

“This is a good choice for me, because I haven’t earned enough credits to graduate anyway. Many of my friends have taken the graduate exam to delay applying for a job and want to increase their chances of finding a job. good jobs,” Wang said.

Students from East China Normal University graduate in 2020. Photo: Xinhua

Students from East China Normal University graduated in 2020. Photo: Xinhua

A teacher in charge of student affairs at a university in Shanghai’s Songjiang district, said March and April are the peak periods for graduating students to find work. According to this teacher, because of the epidemic, job fairs, which were held on campus, were canceled, and companies also cut the number of new recruits.

“Children are encouraged to stay in the city center to make it easier to find a job,” he said, adding that the school is considering subsidizing the rental costs of students.

According to the Ministry of Education, a series of issues such as Covid-19, personnel cuts, vacancies, and structural conflicts in the employment sector have seriously affected the labor market. The functional agency said it would establish a mechanism to support talent training projects for a number of specified occupations, in order to monitor the employment rate in these industries.

Meanwhile, some students said they were lucky to receive a job offer, despite the difficulties. Xiao Xin, a fresh graduate in Shanghai, is about to work at a state-owned enterprise but is still concerned about job security. “The pandemic has changed my perception of work. Before, I liked to explore new things, but now, a stable job is my top priority,” Xiao Xin said.

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