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No need to go far, this festival has fun “release the throttle” in Saigon-Travel

Sunday, May 1, 2022 12:00 PM (GMT+7)

On the 30/4 holiday, 1/5 people choose to go to the forest to go to the sea, some people return to their hometown to visit their family. But did you know, no need to go far, even Saigon has interesting tourist activities.

River bus experience

If you want to find a new activity where you can leisurely see the city, come to the Saigon River Bus. The right time for this experience is in the afternoon when sunset gradually falls.

No need to go far, this festival has fun

With a ticket price of only 15,000 VND, you will have more than 1 hour of surfing on the water. The bus route departs from Bach Dang wharf, the final destination is Linh Dong wharf (Thu Duc). Sitting on the river bus, you have the opportunity to admire the architectural works of the city such as Landmark 81, Thu Thiem bridge, Saigon bridge… In particular, you will have the opportunity to watch the sunset on the river, the sun The river is dyed with sparkling pink.

Book road

In Saigon, there are very strange roads with a length of only about 100m. Nguyen Van Binh Book Street is one such street, located right next to Notre Dame Cathedral – where dozens of stalls of major bookstores gather. You will be lost in the world of books when you come here – a cultural space rich in experiences.

Especially, on the weekends, there are many reading cultural activities, book launch events, exchanges with book authors… Many book cafes here are also chosen as weekend rendezvous spots for young people. .

Cycling around the city

These days in Saigon, sometimes on the street, there are eye-catching blue bicycles – that is the telltale sign of public bicycles – the new project has been put into service for residents and guests. travel. Bike rental price is 5,000 VND/30 minutes, 10,000 VND/60 minutes.

No need to go far, this festival has fun

Renters can use the method of closing and unlocking the car by using a smartphone application that proposes to scan the QR Code printed on the lock. Currently, there are 43 bicycle stations arranged in many locations around District 1 and District 3 connecting to bus stations, attractions, and entertainment. On weekends, there are many groups of young people interested in choosing bicycles as a means to visit the city.

Tours to museums and historical sites

Have you ever tried to spend a day visiting the city’s museums and historical sites? You will definitely be surprised to discover that the city has so many attractions, learn and take such beautiful pictures.

No need to go far, this festival has fun

Independence Palace

The Fine Arts Museum, War Remnants Museum, Nha Rong Wharf, Independence Palace… are places that keep many valuable artifacts, footage and documents on the history of the city as well as the whole country. Surely you will be surprised with this special tour!

Soup soup

Rowing is a new sport that has been developed and replicated recently. Contact professional clubs and groups, you will be equipped with the necessary equipment for a sup rowing session from clothes, tools to basic skills.

No need to go far, this festival has fun

The most frequent place to drop sup is in quiet river creeks, with few small boats passing by, such as District 2, District 7 or beyond, Can Gio mangrove forest. After being instructed in the basic operations and skills to control the sup, you can freely roam with the sup on the vast waves of water, sometimes rowing hard, when lazily drifting. This activity both helps exercise the body and entertain is worth trying once.

See the city from above

As part of the campaign “Ho Chi Minh City welcomes you – Welcome to Ho Chi Minh City”, the sightseeing helicopter tour was put into operation on the occasion of the 30/4-1/5 holiday to diversify the product line. city ​​authority.

No need to go far, this festival has fun

Passengers can choose from flight packages with a journey of 20 to 80 minutes, experience the Can Gio mangrove biosphere reserve or the fields at Tan Lap Tourist Area, Long An from above.

Jogging around Saigon

Get up early, put on your shoes and run around Saigon’s most beautiful streets in the light of dawn – it’s definitely one of the best experiences in Saigon.

No need to go far, this festival has fun

Road running from Thu Thiem towards Sala

Areas chosen by a large number of runners to practice are usually large parks, open urban areas, with little traffic such as Sala, Thu Thiem, Phu My Hung, etc. On the occasion of April 30 every year, many groups of young people maintain it. The operation runs 21km or 42km with the ending point being the gate of the Independence Palace.

No need to go far, this festival has fun

Set up a running team to exercise

These holidays, choose the right activity for yourself and explore this beautiful city together!

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