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President Zelensky proposes to swap VIP prisoners with Russia

“I suggest that the Russian Federation exchange ‘your man’ with our men and women who are imprisoned in Russia. It is important to our law enforcement. must also consider this possibility” – Radio CNN quote the President Zelensky in a video just released on April 12.

President Zelensky proposed to swap VIP prisoners with Russia - Photo 1.

The image of Viktor Medvedchuk was posted by President Zelensky on Telegram (left) and the head of Ukraine’s security service Ivan Bakanov posted on Facebook, republished by Sputnik News – Photo: TELEGRAM/FACEBOOK/SPUTNIK NEWS

Before that, on Telegram, President Zelensky said Viktor Medvedchuk, a pro-Russian Ukrainian politician and oligarch, had been detained during a “special operation”. Before the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out, Mr. Medvedchuk was facing treason charges and was placed under house arrest.

According to Reuters, The head of Ukraine’s security service Ivan Bakanov also said the same thing Facebook. He posted a picture of Viktor Medvedchuk in handcuffs and described the special operation to arrest him as “lightning fast and dangerous”.

The pro-Russia figure, who says President Vladimir Putin is his daughter’s godfather, has confessed to wrongdoing. He is currently the leader of the opposition Platform – For Life party.

“I’ve seen Medvedchuk’s photo. I can’t say anything, can’t confirm if this is true, so making a comment would be wrong” – Sheet Sputnik News quoted Kremlin spokesman Dimitry Peskov on April 12.

Also follow Reuters, hours earlier, President Putin had commented publicly for the first time in more than a week on the conflict and confirmed that Russia would continue to operate “rhythmically and calmly”; said he was confident his goals, including security, would be achieved.


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