The beauty of the famous TikToker cast after face editing

Admit it or not, hot TikTokers still can’t get past the eyes of internet detectives.

The fact that the “top idols” suddenly have a “new” beauty one day is no stranger to the online community. Everyone understands the advantages of having perfect looks if you want to succeed in this competitive industry.

So, although many people already have a huge fan following, they still decide to restore their appearance to make them more attractive or simply improve themselves more and more.

Regardless, it must be recognized that hot TikTokers, which are always on hot topics – willing to admit that they used to be “cutlery”, is a brave and honest job. Many people also make videos to record the “makeover” process so that people can gain more experience or knowledge if they have a need to perfect their beauty.

Vo Thanh Y

Vo Thanh Y has a nickname, Ma Cam (born in 1999), from Tra Vinh. He TikToker The cult has the largest number of followers in Vietnam’s TikTok (nearly 11 million followers) thanks to the beautiful disguises and sweet incarnations as “Ma Cam” in the rural life of the West.

Vo Thanh Y decided to edit his appearance to perfect himself and pretend to be a “smoother” girl. The guy recorded the beauty repair process and received many encouragements and congratulations for the beauty promotion.

The beauty of the famous TikToker cast after face editing-1The beauty of the famous TikToker cast after face editing-2
Vo Thanh Y’s beauty after surgical editing is outstandingly beautiful

Some changes of the guy’s appearance to have a beautiful and feminine image like today: make teeth, shrink the nose, make eyebrows, inject smile grooves, chin injections, face contouring.


TikToker CiiN (Bui Thao Ly, SN 1997) is a “youth idol” in the “Tot Top” universe with 6.2 million followers.

In each clip posted on this social network, she is extremely attractive with her beautiful appearance and professional choreography. Even the female dancer is called “Vietnamese Lisa” by the audience because she has many similarities with the popular idol of BLACKPINK.

However, CiiN is constantly pointed out by netizens about the difference in appearance when participating in gameshows, playing MVs compared to self-posted clips.

Recently, CiiN suddenly announced plastic surgery to be more beautiful.

The beauty of the famous TikToker cast after face editing-3
After the cutlery intervention, CiiN’s nose is slimmer and more elegant than before

Specifically, she claims to have just fixed her nose. On May 1, Bui Thao Ly officially had a clip showing off her new nose after many days of hiding under a mask. The beauty after “cutlery” of CiiN is praised by netizens.

Tieu Hi

After causing a social media storm with a cover dance clip on the background of Summer music And Sun King In July 2021, Tieu Hy (real name Nguyen Thuy Tien) became a “top” beautiful girl who was closely watched by netizens.

Currently, her TikTok channel has 2.6 million followers.

In a story by Tieu Hi in early 2022, the saints suddenly discovered that her eyelids showed signs of correction when swollen clearly, very similar to the situation after the eyelid surgery. Currently, her eyes are also bigger and clearer than when she was singing.

The beauty of the famous TikToker cast after face editing-4
Tieu Hy’s before – after comparison photo has a difference in eyelids

The beauty of the famous TikToker cast after face editing-5The beauty of the famous TikToker cast after face editing-6
Tieu Hy currently has very attractive big and round double eyelids

However, this is just a speculation of netizens, and the truth is still waiting for the owner to speak.

Hai Ninh

Hai Ninh guy (born in 2000) owns a TikTok channel @haiinh.nguyen with nearly 1.5 million followers.

The guy made netizens laugh when he repeated his “self-slapping” scene going underground. Having publicly criticized the people who fixed the nose that “Looks like a fake face”, now he is one of the people who go to do this surgery.

The beauty of the famous TikToker cast after face editing-7The beauty of the famous TikToker cast after face editing-8
Hai Ninh before and after nose job

Explaining the reason, Hai Ninh said, because his nose is not balanced, when filming the clip, he can only turn on one side. So, after much thought and thought, despite being said to be “fake” nose repairers, this TikToker still had a nose job.

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