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Gamers “digested their guts” sent words to VNG, pressingly saying that the game is a monument or is it simply a blood-sucking product?

Vo Lam Truyen Ky and later Vo Lam Truyen Ky 1 ​​Mobile are products that are considered “monuments” of VNG on both PC and Mobile platforms. There is no need to say too much about VLTK because it deserves to be the legend of the Vietnamese game village. For the mobile version, which is said to be the perfect successor to the graphic and gameplay values ​​of VLTK, which has been developed and researched by VNG.


Vietnamese gamers are even the first in the world to experience VLTK 1 Mobile. Then came markets like China… That said, VNG has invested its efforts and enthusiasm in this game. However, not everything can satisfy gamers.


Recently, a player “digested his liver” to send a message to VNG with the desire to make changes in the way this blockbuster operates. This gamer thinks that VNG’s VLTK 1 Mobile is falling into situations such as overusing luck to spend players’ money, bad inter-server features, lack of a specific route, and not developing according to the rules, servers less and less people…


Server less and less people. At first, I thought because the mobile game configuration was weak, so the server couldn’t download many people, but thinking about it, the service acc was still very crowded, then the phone configuration now may be stronger than the PC in the past, so what? but the number of people is so small. Each server only has about 300-400 accs for handheld operation, which is already very happy. The game should limit opening new servers, merge servers and allow to create accs in old servers, that’s fun

In the comments section, many gamers are quite harsh when saying: “They only know how to suck blood, but opinions don’t care. The ACC lock up and down the ratio doesn’t interfere with game features too much so who can’t play.. the game is getting more and more r*c”…

Quite a few players have been expressing frustration when thinking that the current situation of blockbuster VNG is making gamers unable not to be upset. One player said “Comments are too good, too accurate, to make the game more and more interesting and exciting for players, the fairness in the game will not be lost for those who work hard to participate in activities, I suggest VNG should thoroughly improve the games. more affordable features.” san-pham-hut-mau-20220503170138489.chn

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