Clip: The criminal goes mad and bites the service dog

Being in the way, this person repeatedly kicked the dog, even biting the animal’s ear and head.

Recently, at Hyde Road, Greater Manchester, England, a very rare story happened.

Specifically, being controlled, the man deliberately resisted and tried to escape, so the police sent a sniffer dog to the scene to assist. The dog got in the way, this guy repeatedly kicked the animal.

The clip recorded the incident

Not stopping there, name Crime This also bit the head and ears of the service dog. Seeing that, the police officer present at the scene quickly tried to separate the criminal from the dog.

After a while, the fight between the criminal and the dog showed signs of stopping. It is known that the dog was injured in the head and could not lie still for the next 4 days.

The man was eventually arrested and punished according to the crime. However, this person is not responsible for causing injury to the service dog.

The clip recording this rare story, after being posted on MXH, quickly became the focus of attention of netizens.

According to Vietnamnet

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