Justin Bieber on Ferrari’s blacklist

The Canadian singer violated the rules Ferrari gives to customers who own its supercar.

Page Il Giornale of Italy said Justin Bieber arbitrarily changed the color of the Ferrari 458 Italia and auctioned the car not long after. Bieber’s actions violated the terms and rules Ferrari gave customers when buying a car.

Justin Bieber was blacklisted by Ferrari-1
Justin Bieber’s Ferrari 458 Itlaia. Photo: West Coast Customs.

The 458 Italia was bought by Justin Bieber in 2011, the car has the original paint color of white. However, the car has been given a blue paint by West Coast Customs, and the Ferrari badge has also been changed. In addition, the car is equipped with a bodykit and upgraded new wheels.

One of the terms Ferrari requires customers to follow is that it is not allowed to interfere with the engine, the body as well as the “prancing horse” badge. Any changes to the Italian supercar must be made by a third party authorized by Ferrari.

Not stopping there, the Canadian singer auctioned off this car in 2017. Although Bieber bought the car in 2011 and auctioned the car in 2017, Ferrari still requires customers to go through the company when intending to. car for sale. This policy is to limit the situation of Ferrari car owners making a profit after using the vehicle.

Justin Bieber was blacklisted by Ferrari-2
A Ferrari 458 Italia in Vietnam. Photo: Anh Xuan.

With the blacklist of Ferrari, Justin Bieber can hardly include in his car collection a new Ferrari under the owner’s name. Currently, his collection singer This car has many models such as Audi R8, Rolls-Royce Ghost, Lamborghini Aventador, Range Rover Sport.

In addition to strict terms for customers who already own cars, Ferrari also has special criteria for selecting new customers. Most notably, it does not sell special or limited models to customers who already own rival Lamborghini cars.

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