The problem that makes fans angry is here!

Lien Quan has indeed just closed down, but closed the server in the Korean market. This is not inherently a strong server of Lien Quan. It should be remembered that Lien Quan is only really “unmatched” in three markets: Vietnam – Thailand and Chinese Taipei. However, Tencent still wants to maintain the influence of Lien Quan on the global map and that is the reason why gamers believe that Tencent will directly own the Korean server or combine it with one or more other servers. become the new Lien Quan server cluster.

Surfing Top Top, startled by the clip

However, with the view of the problem of a part of Top Top users, for some reason, the story of Lien Quan closing in the Korean market was changed into “Lien Quan closed forever”. Not only that, it also affirmed that “goodbye to a legend”. Of course, the content of this clip still revolves around the story of Lien Quan closing the server in Korea.

Surfing Top Top, startled by the clip

But, the way the title of this clip startled viewers. Of course, Lien Quan is not permanently closed, but in the second part, this game cannot be considered a legend, at least in Korea. However, in order to gain views, the producer of this clip defied the truth to become a clip that “deceived” the audience.

Then we see, why do many netizens in Vietnam have a bad impression of Top Top. Part of it comes from the story itself, which is always “standing upside down” like this. From a very ordinary story to become complicated, even somewhat “terrible” and raise the point of view to an unacceptable level, just for the sake of capturing views from the audience.

Surfing Top Top, startled by the clip

TikTok or Top Top has clearly become an important application for many current social network users. But the way that a part of people produce clips on this platform has made not only netizens but even the mass media feel the need to condemn. The story of Lien Quan’s closure mentioned above is just one of many examples that the audience does not hesitate to say: This is dirty content! 20220506133518567.chn

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