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Ha Tang hacks a luxurious look with 3 ways to dress up summer clothes

Ha Tang has always been a model of a modern woman admired by many women. Following Ha Tang’s personal page, we can also find many tips on how to dress, dress elegantly, and look like a tycoon’s wife. Here are 3 simple but pleasing dressing tips from Ha Tang that you can immediately apply for this Summer style. These 3 dressing tips are not only luxurious and modern, but also help to enhance the figure and create a sense of taller and slimmer body.

Ha Tang has 3 ways to dress up, both hacking her body and being luxurious as a tycoon - Photo 1.

1. Wear high-waisted pants

It can be said that high-waisted pants are a long-legged hack that no woman can ignore. Whether you are short or small, you still need to buy a few high-waisted pants to enhance your body advantage.

With Ha Tang, she owns a variety of models of high-waisted pants, such as long-sleeved jeans, jeans shorts, cloth pants… High-waisted pants with simple designs that effectively hack the shape, hide the belly cleverly and create a ratio. proportions for the overall physique. Just mix high-waisted pants with a shirt, plain t-shirt, and Ha Tang has a set of clothes that are pleasing to the eye, respecting her absolute tall figure. What are you waiting for without buying high-waisted pants to dress up like Ha Tang this summer.

2. Waistless dress

Summer is also the time when dresses become an indispensable item in any girl’s wardrobe. And if you want to hack a slim, slim figure, you should – like Ha Tang – give preference to designs with more details, tight, stylized at the waist. Only a gentle stylized detail in the second round is enough to create a highlight, clearly dividing the upper and lower body to help the body look slimmer and slimmer. In the case of simple skirts, you can also hack the shape when using a belt to create accents for the second round.

Besides choosing a skirt with a waistline, if you are observant, you will notice that Ha Tang also often chooses a bun, low tied hair when wearing a skirt. This hairstyle will help the face look tall, the overall outfit looks more elegant. Not to mention, the neat way of tying her hair also helps Ha Tang’s image to be more mature and well-mannered.

3. Dress in plain colors

Ha Tang’s wardrobe is mostly plain colored items, not too picky textures. You may not realize it, but the fact that solid color has the ability to hack shapes is extremely respectable. Without sophisticated patterns that distract attention and gaze, solid color will be an item that helps to clearly separate the upper and lower parts of the body. Therefore, wearing solid colors will unintentionally make the body look taller. No need to dress up or invest sophisticatedly, just wearing a shirt with solid color pants / skirt is clear that Ha Tang has an elegant, elegant and absolutely flattering set of clothes. And of course, the minimalist plain clothes also help Ha Tang’s image to remain luxurious and elegant, not afraid of going out of fashion.

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