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4 stories “pregnant with god” in Vietnamese history

Saint Giong was born through the footprints of humans and heavens?

Saint Giong – Phu Dong Thien Vuong is one of the four immortal saints (Four immortals) in Vietnamese folk beliefs. Historically, he is considered to be the person who has contributed to defeating the An enemy and bringing peace to the country.

4 stories

Saint Giong. Photo: IMAG.

Legend has it that, Saint Giong was born in Phu Dong commune, Gia Lam district, Hanoi, during the 6th Hung King period. He was a man who was reincarnated as a child. At the age of three, he could not speak, laugh, or walk.

But when the An invaders came down, Giong called his mother to call the king’s messenger, then suddenly stretched himself into a strong young man to fight the enemy. After defeating the invaders, he flew back to the sky. The place of his transformation is Soc mountain in Soc Son district, Hanoi.

Dai Viet history book The details of Saint Giong are as follows: During the 6th Hung King period, in Giong village, there were a couple of poor old grandparents who worked hard and had a reputation for being blessed, but they still did not have children. One day, when she went to the field, she saw a very large foot print and tried to see how much inferior it was. Unexpectedly, when she got home, she conceived and 12 months later gave birth to a handsome boy. Strangely, the boy was three years old and still couldn’t talk, laugh, put it there. When there was urgent news in the country, the king sent someone to find someone who could defeat the enemy.

That day, the child suddenly spoke, asked his mother to come out and invite the angel in, saying: “Give me a sword, an iron armor and a horse, the king has nothing to worry about.” The king gave him a sword and a horse, and the boy rode his horse and swung his sword forward, the military officers followed, and defeated the enemy at the foot of the Buffalo mountain. The enemies trampled on each other and ran. Saint Giong chased, and stopped at the foot of Soc mountain. The child took off his armor and rode his horse into the sky. The king ordered to repair the garden of the child’s house to build a temple. Later, Ly Thai To was named Chong Thien Than Vuong…

Is the father of King Dinh Tien Hoang an otter?

According to a legend handed down in folklore, in Dam Gia village, Dai Hoang continent, there was a man named Dinh Cong Tru, who served as a general for the warlord Duong Dinh Nghe. After defeating the Southern Han army, he was appointed as the land historian of Hoan Kiem district. Chau. In his old age, Dinh Cong Tru retired to his hometown with his young wife, Dam Thi.

4 stories

Dinh Tien Hoang.

One day, when Dam Thi was bathing alone in a stream near her house, she left her clothes in the bushes on the bank, and was about to step into the water when she suddenly saw a large otter come up to her. Dam Thi was scared to faint, when she woke up, she found herself lying on the grass, next to an otter licking her hand lovingly. Dam Thi was shocked to quickly get dressed and go home, hiding from her husband what had happened. She thought the otter was the Water God who appeared to her in love.

Then, Dam Thi became pregnant, suspected to be the “result” of that otter. To this day, she gave birth to a healthy, unusually handsome son, named Dinh Bo Linh. A few years later, Mr. Dinh Cong Tru died without a single doubt about the child’s origin.

Dinh Bo Linh grew up to be healthy, smarter than humans, good at swimming and diving, able to stay underwater for hours like an otter. Linh often staged a mock battle, sent the children to break reed flowers to make flags, cut bamboo as weapons, and then make a palanquin to carry Linh to fight with other village children.

Later, Dinh Bo Linh rose up in Hoa Lu, quelled 12 warlords, fought and won there, claiming to be Van Thang Vuong. He ascended the throne, called Tien Hoang, founded Dai Co Viet, ushered in a period of independence and autonomy for Vietnamese feudal dynasties.

King Ly Thai To was the son of a god?

Ly Thai To, born Ly Cong Uan, was the founding king of the Ly dynasty, born in Dien Uan, Co Phap continent (now Tu Son town, Bac Ninh province). His birth is recorded in history books tinged with mystery. Most histories describe Ly Cong Uan as the son of a god.

4 stories

Statue of Ly Thai To.

Book Dai Viet history book inscription: “King of the Ly family, Huy Cong Uan, a native of Co Phap, Bac Ninh. The mother of the Pham family, going to Tieu Son pagoda with a god to have intercourse and then become pregnant, gave birth to the king on February 12, the year of Giap Tuat, the fifth year of Thai Binh year (947), the Dinh dynasty.

Book Viet History Thong Cuong Section wrote: “His mother, Pham Thi, went to Tieu Son pagoda, met a god who had intercourse, thus became pregnant, and gave birth to him in the year of the Dog, the fifth Thai Binh (974), the Dinh dynasty”.

Documentary miracles Ancient jade genealogy In Tam Tao commune, An Phu, Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh province, it was said that Ly Cong Uan’s mother was Pham Thi Trinh, went to work at Tieu Son pagoda, dreamed of Thach Khuyen god, then got pregnant and was born. Ly Cong Uan.

There is also an anecdote that said that Ly Cong Uan’s father was born naked, because the poor family went to work in the fields. He fell in love with a young lady and then got her pregnant, causing both of them to be kicked out, had to lead each other to leave the village. Arriving in the forest, the young man was thirsty, went to a well in the middle of the forest to drink, but unfortunately tripped and drowned. The unfortunate woman asked to stay at the nearby Ung Tam Pagoda (Dan Pagoda – Bac Ninh). A few months later, she gave birth to Ly Cong Uan.

Thuong Luong reincarnated as a prince of the Ly Dynasty?

According to some legends, Nguyen Thi Hao is the child of a couple in Bong Lai land (Dan Phuong, Hanoi today), at the age of the full moon, she had the beauty of diving birds. One day, King Ly Thanh Tong (1054 – 1072) went to the outskirts of the city to visit, that 19-year-old Hao Qi also stood by the roadside to welcome the king.

4 stories

King Ly Thanh Tong.

Ly Thanh Tong saw the beautiful girl suddenly had feelings for him, so he sent an official to visit and bring her back to the palace. The king had nothing to complain about Nguyen Thi Hao, except that she was with the king for 4 years and she still had no children.

One hot day, Ms. Hao and the maids went to the West Lake to bathe. Suddenly, the sky and earth became dark, the lake water rolled, and a boat more than 10 meters long appeared, hugged her and sprayed her body, fragrant. Immediately after the storm broke, the flounder also disappeared. She told the king the truth when she returned to the palace.

That night, the king dreamed that a man came down from the sky, saying that three years later, an enemy would come to invade, the Emperor sent a water god to be born, reincarnated as the king’s son, to later defeat the enemy to save the country.

Since then, Ms. Hao became pregnant and after 13 months she gave birth to a son with a large body, 28 marks on his back that looked like dragon scales… The boy was named Hoang Lang.

Some time later, Vinh Trinh invaders rebelled in the northern mountains. Upon hearing the news, Hoang Lang suddenly sat up, called his mother and asked for elephants and flags to fight the enemy. When everything was brought by the king with 5,000 soldiers, Hoang Lang immediately tilted his head and shook, turning into a muscular young man. Right after that, he rode an elephant into battle and defeated the enemy.

A few months after the victory, Hoang Lang asked the king to return to the water country, which was his native place. After performing the ceremony by the West Lake, he turned into a large raft and disappeared under the deep water…

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