Head coach Pham Minh Giang: “We are ready for SEA Games 31”

“We had a pretty good preparation when we were training in Thailand with 2 wins and 1 loss. The two weak points that we have improved well are fitness and partly the finishing. ready for the 31st SEA Games,” said coach Pham Minh Giang.

Sharing about the Vietnamese futsal team’s force through the AFF Cup and SEA Games, coach Minh Giang said: “In the last AFF Cup, the players’ physical strength was not very good. The whole team was also affected by Covid- 19, to half of the squad. This time, the team’s force also has a number of young players, combined with experienced players, I hope to have a new step in this tournament.”

Responding to a reporter’s question about whether the Vietnamese futsal team is under pressure at the SEA Games, coach Minh Giang frankly: “Pressure? I think it’s not pressure but the goal when the team achieves the goal of winning the medal. Gold medal. Thailand is a strong team, besides Malaysia and Indonesia also have big investments. But with the home stadium, Vietnamese players will play confidently.”

Head coach Pham Minh Giang:

Player Tran Van Vu

“Indonesia is a very strong team with quality and uniform players and annoying gameplay. Through the AFF Cup, I have had a lot of material to prepare very carefully, especially in the last two training sessions. I will try my best. can promote the strength of Vietnamese players, exploit the opponent’s weaknesses. I think it will be very good to play with the support of the home audience,” coach Minh Giang shared.

Answering a reporter’s question about his feelings when attending the World Cup, AFF or SEA Games events, coach Minh Giang said: “Every tournament has different emotions. If the World Cup is an event that makes I myself am both honored, happy and surprised, but after the AFF, the players have more experience and knowledge to do well at the SEA Games.”

“At this SEA Games, the teams compete in a round-robin format, so each match will be their final, so we have to try harder in each match. I have two pivo players next to the bridge. Young player Tuan Thanh Thanh Thuan’s player can weigh and mess up, making it harder to catch cards.In the AFF Cup, Minh Tri is not in good form, but in this tournament, if Minh Tri plays well, it will help the team. Vietnam’s futsal is better. Ho Van Y is a good shield for Vietnam. I hope, Ho Van Y will play well so that his teammates can rest assured,” coach Minh Giang shared about the players.

“After AFF’s performance was not as expected, I and the coaching staff always talked with the players. After returning to Vietnam, the whole team almost had a complete makeover. All together towards the 31st SEA Games. Talking with the players, I always want them to focus on the field from the very beginning, right from the warm-up. When I focus, everything will be good to me”, coach Minh Giang added.

Present at the press conference, Tran Van Vu said that this is his fourth SEA Games. “The first time I attended the SEA Games, I was the youngest on the team, but maybe this time I’m the oldest. Now the team has rejuvenated. The children have good Futsal skills, better technique and tactics. The children are more mature. Attending the last World Cup should have more experience and promise to shine at this SEA Games.”

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