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Russia sanctions more than 30 foreign energy companies

Russia has imposed sanctions on units of Gazprom Germania and also on EuRoPol. Photo: Sputnik

List of sanctioned entities Russian Government published on the Russian Legal Portal includes 31 companies, including units of Gazprom Germania in Europe and also EuRoPol (owner of the Yamal – Europe gas pipeline in Poland).

TASS news agency reported that within the framework of the sanctions, the companies on the list will be banned from trading. Ships linked to these companies are also banned from entering Russian ports.

After Russia announced sanctions, the German Economy and Environmental Protection Minister said on May 11 that the government was “making the necessary arrangements and preparing for different scenarios”.

The ministry said: “Crisis team gas closely monitoring the situation. At this time, supply security is still guaranteed and continuously monitored.”

In response to Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine, the United States and the West have imposed heavy sanctions on Moscow and its oligarchs. In response, Russia cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria, demanding a new payment mechanism for gas buyers in Europe.

On the Ukrainian side, the country’s gas officials said that Russia bears full responsibility for reducing the flow of Russian gas to Europe through Ukraine.

The head of Ukraine’s gas transit operator said Ukraine was never the cause of the transit stoppage, and blamed the reduction in gas flows on Russian forces.

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