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“Tao Hoa” does not use a credit card but still gets charged

There were times because of leaving information credit When buying online, Mr. Nguyen Tien Thanh (office worker) will still be charged money even if he doesn’t use a credit card.

“During work, the phone suddenly informed me that I had been deducted a sum of money. At that time, I was shocked to call bank and the bank traced out that I bought goods in Ho Chi Minh City, while I was still in Hanoi”, Mr. Thanh said.

“There is no phone signal in foreign countries to receive notices that money has been deducted or even when money is lost, it is difficult to contact the home country to report the hotline number because there is no number at all. Not knowing if calling home will be Which number to call to find the bank’s switchboard number. Banks should find ways to better support customers and avoid unnecessary risks”, said Mr. Phan Duy Linh – Director of Co., Ltd. Minh Minh said.

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Users need to equip themselves with knowledge related to using credit cards to avoid unfortunate risks.

As a person who often spends with credit cards, Mr. Son (office worker) shared that there are a number of ways to avoid losing money unjustly, such as directly monitoring the payment card swiping process, not revealing 3 CVV numbers in the bank account. back of the card.

“When the bank provides me with a card, I will use adhesive tape to divide the CVV number that the bank has provided so that other people can’t get payment information for nefarious things,” Mr. Son shared.

Currently, many banks have also integrated credit card management services on digital banking applications. This helps cardholders take the initiative in actions such as locking, opening the card, and adjusting the limit without going to the transaction office.

Banks also note that the most important thing is that users need to equip themselves with knowledge related to the use of credit cards; At the same time, it is necessary to be careful in online spending transactions to avoid revealing information.

How to spend credit card properly How to spend credit card properly – According to experts, to avoid the risk of overdue debt, young people should make a financial and payment plan if they want to use a credit card to spend on items of great value.

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