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East ‘Vicoi’ and the unbelievable SEA Games gold medal

19-year-old gamer Phan Van Dong brought it to the team Vietnamese sports the gold medal in e-sports after an unbelievable comeback at the 31st SEA Games.

East 'Vicoi' and the unbelievable SEA Games gold medal - photo 1

“When I finished my first final at 28/51, I was very disappointed with myself. When I entered the second final round, I thought I didn’t have much hope, but just tried my best”, Phan Van Dong recalled and shared with Mr. Youth My thoughts before entering the second final PUBG Mobile personal content at the 31st SEA Games on May 17.

East 'Vicoi' and the unbelievable SEA Games gold medal - photo 2

Phan Van Dong and the unbelievable gold medal


While the top players after 5 matches of the first turn have a fear of being hunted so they don’t dare to clash, the bottom players with nothing to lose will often rise up and fight for a chance. win points. At 28th place, a position with “nothing left to lose” and trying his best, Dong suddenly won the top 1 in match 6. That was Dong’s driving force in the remaining 4 matches.

After that match, Dong rose to the top 20. After the 8th match, Dong entered the top 5. Dong admitted that he also had a bit of luck when Dong’s formidable opponents like Tony and Stonedd of Thailand, Alan of Indonesia or Lao’s trio of gamers, who were in the top 5 after the first 5 matches, lost their form and gradually dropped points in the following matches. After the 9th match, Dong got 90 points and rose to the top 2, losing 96 points to the leader. When watching charts After the 9th match, the entire PUBG Mobile Vietnam team knew the opportunity win a medal arrived.

East 'Vicoi' and the unbelievable SEA Games gold medal - photo 3

Phan Van Dong entered the journey of “turning upstream” to win gold


Entering the final match, the remaining 5 of D’Xavier, Team PUBG The Vietnamese representative knew that he had no chance to dispute the medal. Although they could not communicate with each other, no one could identify anyone in the match, everyone implicitly understood that they had to find ways to protect Dong. The whole team doesn’t clash, just runs around the circle (the safe surrounding area, where all players must quickly get there before the time to narrow the zone is over if you don’t want to be eroded until the end). upon death) to avoid mistakenly shooting in the East. And Dong returned to the position of the hunted.

“In the last game, instead of clashing like the previous ones, I found a way to survive, to avoid encountering anyone. I have loot (collect, collect, pick up in-game items) but also not get good items, clash will definitely lose. Sometimes I lie still and do not move. Fortunately, how to find a good off-road vehicle, so it ran quickly while many opponents died outside the circle because they couldn’t run in time. By the time there were 5 survivors in the last circle, I had only half health left, no armor, no gear.”

East 'Vicoi' and the unbelievable SEA Games gold medal - photo 4

Fans’ joy when Phan Van Dong was named the highest


Dong died when there were only 4 people left in the round. Alan, East’s direct competitor, lay back early. The whole Vietnamese Esports team now knew for sure that Dong won the gold medal, and Dong was too busy concentrating so he didn’t know what was happening around. When the game ended, Dong put down his phone, his mind blank. All gamers held their breath waiting for their total score. Thailand’s Stonedd got 100 points, Indonesia’s Alan got 102 points. And Dong got 104 points to win gold. Dong sat in a daze, his face shaking.

“I still don’t believe I can do it anymore,” Dong said. “After the game, I immediately called my family. When I started playing 3 years ago, my parents yelled a lot because I often forgot to sleep when I played. Until I became a player Professional E-Sports My family is still not supportive because no one understands the game I play. Now I call home to congratulate me and my parents encourage me to work hard and earn more gold medals.”

East 'Vicoi' and the unbelievable SEA Games gold medal - photo 5

19-year-old gamer Phan Van Dong won the gold medal against experienced opponents


“After the game I received a lot of congratulatory messages from friends and the community. I don’t know what to say, I just want to thank everyone. Now, I will focus on winning more SEA Games gold medals in the team event and get a high rank in the upcoming PUBG Mobile Pro League in Malaysia, “said Phan Van Dong.

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