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NASA captured a mysterious door on another planet-Information Technology

Thursday, May 12, 2022 15:10 PM (GMT+7)

The photo that NASA’s famous Curiosity rover sent back from Mars was really shocking by the structure like… the entrance to the alien house.

The photo taken on May 7 by the MastCam mounted on Curiosity, which has just been updated by NASA to the Mars image collection on the homepage, has startled many people.

The strange structure, photographed on “Mars day 3466” looks like a door carved into the rock, exactly like the entrance to mines or houses carved into the mountains on Earth.

Shock: NASA captured a mysterious door on another planet - 1

The mysterious door is clearly visible in the photo taken by Curiosity – Photo: NASA

However, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) explained to Snopes that what some social media users have interpreted as a “door and wall,” is actually a small fissure in the rock at red planet, not the alien home we expected.

JPL revealed that this “door” is actually only 30 cm x 45 cm in size, located in an area with many linear faults, enough to account for such a sharp and strange cracking pattern. The photo was taken in a geological area known as the Greenheugh Pediment, where Curiosity is wandering on its extended journey.

According to Science Alert, scientists are still learning more about the structure, not to find out if aliens built it, but to learn about the red planet’s geological activity.

Curiosity is indeed on a mission to hunt for alien life, but what it is aiming for is the remains of ancient microorganisms on Mars. Because, previous studies have shown that although Mars almost certainly once had life, that life did not evolve to the level of Earth but only stopped in primitive microorganisms, which have been extinct for several billion years. last year.


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