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Coach Shin Tae-yong sent a letter of battle, promising to rematch Mr. Park in the final

Coach Shin Tae-yong was quite satisfied with the 4-0 victory over Philippines U.23, thereby eliminating this opponent from the race to the semi-finals. Soccer men’s SEA Games 31.

Entering the press conference room, the former head coach Korea who won Germany at the 2018 World Cup, said he would not return to the hotel immediately, but stayed to watch the match between U.23 Vietnam and U.23 Myanmar a few minutes later.

At the same time, the Korean military leader also expressed a little concern when Ridwan – the player who scored the opening goal was hurt and was not sure if he could play in the final match of the group stage against Myanmar U.23.

Coach Shin Tae-yong gave a letter of war to Mr. Park


“In the first half, U.23 Indonesia played very well. As for Ridwan, looking back at the last 3 matches today, he played the best. He played very well when he was assigned the task in the middle of the field.

In the 3 changes in the second half, I launched very young players, only 18-20 years old like Marcelinho, Ronaldo to give them more opportunities to develop, also for the development of Indonesian football “, Mr. Shin. comment.

In the strong victory of U.23 Indonesia, defenders and midfielders all joined the scoring list. Coach Shin Tae-yong explained the football philosophy that is helping the team of thousands of islands to rise strongly after the defeat against U.23 Vietnam.

U.23 Indonesia got up strongly after losing 0-3 to U.23 Vietnam


“I want my team to play with a ‘zero top’ philosophy, meaning that when a defender has a chance to score I will create conditions for him to come up to do it, but the strikers have to be in the room when needed. dominate 100% with the rest of the team.

That’s how I coach and U.23 Indonesia is aiming to play as a team. The fact that players like Ridwan started today is also a long-term calculation.

Mr. Shin wants to rematch Mr. Park in the 31st SEA Games men’s football final


U.23 Indonesia not only kicks the group stage but also wants to reach the final. We need time for the players to adapt, and stimulate their desire like in the case of Ridwan.

About the rating of Coach U.23 Philippines that U.23 Vietnam and U.23 Indonesia will enter the semi-finals? I think he’s right. I want to see you again U.23 Vietnam of the Mr. Park in the final”, Coach Shin Tae-yong expressed.

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