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Hot weather threatens India’s food security

However, the announcement of the Directorate General of Foreign Trade of India on May 13 added that wheat is still allowed to be exported to countries in need for food security reasons and based on the requirements of the governments of the countries. there.

The decision highlights India’s concerns about high inflation, as well as increasing the wave of food protectionism since the Russia-Ukraine conflict broke out.

Some countries are looking for ways to secure domestic food supplies amid soaring agricultural prices. For example, Indonesia has stopped exporting palm oil while Serbia and Kazakhstan have imposed quotas on grain exports.

In India alone, another worry is the impact of extreme weather. According to Bloomberg, the record heat wave not only affects people’s lives but also damages wheat production across the country.

Hot weather threatens India's food security - Photo 1.

The record heat wave has damaged wheat production across India. Photo: Hindustan Times

By page Hindustan Timesthe temperature in the capital New Delhi – India on May 13 sometimes reached 42.5 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the city of Najafgarh recorded the highest level of 46.1 degrees Celsius.

Last week, the state of Maharashtra recorded 25 deaths from heat since the end of March. However, this number could be much higher if the heat exacerbation of existing diseases is taken into account.

By page The Independent, many Indians suffer from dizziness, diarrhea and skin rashes due to the effects of the current extreme weather. Scientists warn that the heat is becoming more and more intense and frequent in India in particular and in the world in general due to the impact of global warming.

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