Research confirms that women like rich men

A study conducted in 24 countries proved that a woman would prefer a man if he was… rich.

Researchers from Swansea University, Wales, England scanned 1.8 million records dating from 24 countries around the world. As a result, they found the following two conclusions to be true in all cases worldwide.

Men like “Tesla tycoon” Elon Musk with high income and top job, will receive 3.5 times more replies to online dating profiles than other men.

Conversely, a woman will also get more attention if she seems well-off and educated. However, for women, this factor has a more modest effect.

Research confirms that women like rich men-1
Research confirms that women prefer rich men.

Psychologist Dr Andrew Thomas, of Swansea University, said: “A lot of people think that women liking rich men is just a stereotype. But we’ve seen this across all cultures in studies dating back to the 1980s, which tells us it’s true.”

Dr. Thomas’s research evaluated men on the correlation between the income, education and jobs they posted on their dating profiles and the number of responses from women who were also looking for a mate.

Men with the “best” dating profiles got 255% more responses than those with the worst profiles. For women, the difference is 103%.

Dr. Thomas said the Internet is promoting both sexes how to look rich, or fit today’s most popular criteria for attracting a mate.

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