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The young man received a bitter ending because he increased the size of his “little boy” at home – Life Health

Monday, May 16, 2022 10:00 AM (GMT+7)

A 25-year-old male patient in Hanoi was admitted to the hospital in a state of “little boy” with swelling, purple marks under his skin due to self-massage.

MSc. Dr. Nguyen Van Duc – Department of Urological Surgery – Andrology, Saint Paul General Hospital, said that the hospital just received a 25-year-old male patient in Hanoi in a state of swollen penis, purple bruises under the skin. by using the penis massager. The patient said that due to his small size, he lost confidence in his girlfriend, so he learned online how to increase the size of his penis at home with a massage machine.

The young man received a bitter ending for increasing the size of his

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With the desire to soon have an effect, the patient practiced daily for about 1 month recently. Until the penis is swollen, painful and there are purple spots under the skin, the patient should go to the doctor.

In addition, the doctor also received a 30-year-old NK patient, admitted to the hospital in a state of edematous penis, signs of necrosis of the scrotum of the penis due to silicone injection to upgrade the penis. The patient is obese, weighing 85kg, but because of fear of a short penis, he has injected silicone to enlarge the penis at a private facility.

2 months after silicone injection, the patient experienced pain in the penis with bruising. Each time the patient has sex, the patient finds the penis hard to erect and painful. When the pain in the penis increases, the patient goes to the doctor. The patient was admitted to the hospital with necrotic skin patches on the penis. Doctors have performed surgery to remove silicone attached to the penis, scrotum, and base of the penis and reconstruct the skin of the penis for the patient.

Besides, massaging the penis with a frequency of many times will lead to orgasm disorders. Penis massager can make users quickly achieve orgasm. However, if this “selfie” situation continues for a long time, it will cause the user to form a habit and when having sex with a partner, it will be difficult to get the desired pleasure.

Penis size is not the most important factor affecting the quality of love and fertility.

With the increase in penis size by pumping liquid silicone, MSc.BS Nguyen Van Duc said: liquid silicone will cause patients to experience the following conditions: pain, erectile dysfunction, difficulty in sexual activities. More dangerous can cause deformation, even necrosis or infertility if the silicone spreads down to the scrotum, causing the testicles to necrosis. Depending on the location, the injection dose, the number of injections and the silicone injection technique, the reaction can happen fast or slow, severe or mild.

Doctors recommend that men increase the size of their penis by eating healthy, avoiding fat. Foods high in cholesterol and abuse of stimulants like alcohol damage your arteries, indirectly reducing blood flow to the penis and reducing its size significantly.

Usually this layer of fat will shorten the penis by 1-2cm. Therefore, men should limit foods that cause weight gain to avoid making the penis look shriveled is a good way to make the penis look longer.

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