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Enjoy the atmosphere of SEA Games 31 with 8K . TV

The 31st Southeast Asian Games SEA Games – held in Vietnam has officially kicked off. Users can experience sharp pictures and top-notch sound right at home with a selection of market-leading 8K TVs.

Enjoy the atmosphere of SEA Games 31 with 8K TV - 1

Bring the football field home with wireless Dolby Atmos sound.

The TV football viewing experience has now reached the point of hyper-realism with a range of the most advanced display technologies. As a leading brand in technology in general and screens in particular, the latest 8K Neo QLED Smart TV series will help sports fans explode into an exciting space at home with superb visuals and sound. and effects.

Sharp image technology with 8K

Currently, the 8K Neo QLED Smart TV series is integrated with Samsung’s most modern technology and is at the top of the TV market with Quantum Mini LED 14 nits and Quantum Matrix Pro, providing impressive depth, almost colors. reality.

The 8K Neural Quantum processor with 20 artificial neural networks is capable of extremely intelligent analysis of image data, delivering high definition with 33 million pixels, 4 times higher resolution than 4K screens and 16 times that of a regular Full HD display.

Enjoy the atmosphere of SEA Games 31 with 8K TV - 2

The screen has extremely high detail, deep blacks with high contrast.

This technology gives viewers the feeling of being on the field, anxiously waiting for each ball. Thanks to that, the fans will not miss any spectacular shots or headers of the players.

Besides, sports viewers can also enjoy the matches on the big screen from the company. The product has 3 versions of large screens for users to freely choose: 65 inches; 75 inch and 85 inch, suitable for any living room space with aesthetic and delicate design.

Live sound system

The perfect combination of visual and sound effects is what stimulates all the senses and creates a frenzy when watching online via Smart TV. Neo QLED meets the high-class Dolby Atmos sound standard, which can reproduce every dimension of realistic, thrilling sound in each phase or frame.

Neo QLED supports the world’s first wireless Dolby Atmos audio standard, allowing perfect synchronization with the sound bar via Q-symphony, providing a surround sound experience that contributes to vibrant atmosphere reproduction. on the pitch even when the audience is enjoying football at home.

Q-Symphony technology maximizes synchronization with TV speakers to help maximize the surround sound effect, for a feeling of sound that covers the entire space. If you want to enjoy the most perfect sound, users can use the Q-Series soundbar system like the high-end Q990B version.

Content store experience for the whole family

Enjoy the full atmosphere of SEA Games 31 with 8K - 3 TV

Users can both watch the match and follow the side information at the same time.

For football fans, watching matches at the same time will be an extremely attractive, novel and dramatic experience, Samsung satisfies this desire with Multi View mode.

In addition, users will have a variety of entertainment options with a variety of applications on Samsung TVs such as FPT Play, Galaxy Play, Pop Kids and the privilege of watching sports matches with the highest image quality available only on Samsung TV applications. using VieON.

The football party in May has begun. Selection Smart TV 8K is the most ideal solution to blow up that exciting atmosphere at home and not miss your favorite matches.

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